Halloween Party At HandleBar J

Halloween party at HandleBar J's in Scottsdale AZ

Halloween Party At HandleBar J. When I travel away from the Florida beach in October, I like to go to Scottsdale AZ for the Halloween Party at HandleBar J's.

This popular cowboy bar puts on a great party. The music is great, the drinks are cheap, and the dance floor is always crowded.

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The Halloween Party At HandleBar J's

Get to the HandleBar J Halloween party early.

Get to the HandleBar J Halloween Party early. Normally, things get going about 9:30pm at HandleBar's, but on Halloween night, you want to get there about 8:00pm.

The Hearndon Brothers Band fires it up, and the dance floor starts getting a great crowd.

I'd say about 200-250 people pack their way inside and out...and there are always plenty of ladies to dance with. (Make sure you know how to do "Arizona Two-Step" which is very easy to learn, and you will dance all night.)

I'm sure about 500 people pass through this little country western bar before midnight.

We have a lot of great little beach bars along Treasure Island - St Pete Beach here on the Florida Gulf Beaches west of St Petersburg...but nothing that compares to HandleBar J's in Scottsdale AZ.

Get Dressed Up For Halloween

Get dressed up for the Halloween Party at HandleBar J's.

Pretty much anything goes at the Halloween Party at HandelBar J's.

There are brides, Old West grooms, gunfighters, trappers, spacemen, zombies, sailor girls, and...well, you name it, and you will probably see it.

On the other hand, a lot of people come in their normal, everyday clothes. Sure, there is a country western atmosphere, but I have seen plenty of guys show up in Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and flip-flops...like they were going to Sloppy Joe's back on Treasure Island Beach.

It is no big deal. Everybody gets along, and the band only takes a few breaks.

Heck, even the guys in the band look pretty funny.

Trust me, if you want to vacation in Phoenix in the Fall, wait until the end of October so you can attend the Halloween Party at HandleBar J's.

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