Indian Rocks Beach - small community, wide white beaches, and great nightlife.

Indian Rocks Beach FL is one of the Gulf Coast communities trying its best to maintain and preserve its beautiful and relaxing beaches.

Only about three miles long, this Florida beach city of 5200 has been solid in keeping mammoth high-rise condos and resorts off its Sand Key coastline.

As you walk about the area, you'll notice most of the beach cottages and homes are only one or two stories...and many of them have been here quite a while.

There are varied small businesses, nice local restaurants and unique shops along Gulf Blvd,...and a distinct lack of fast food places.

In an era when free parking is vanishing like tax money in Congress, the city of Indian Rocks still provides spaces for public beach access at the end of most of its east-west streets. How long they can maintain this tradition is anyone's guess, but they are doing it well now.

There is an official "Beach Management Plan" in Indian Rocks which brought together marine scientists, coastal environmental/planning experts, and concerned residents in 2004. You will find dune walkovers to preserve the natural vegetation.

The wide sandy beaches here give you plenty of room to enjoy the beauty of the Gulf, swim, take a long walk, or just drowsily fall into a snooze. I love this quiet stretch of beach on the barrier islands.

Indian Rocks is a well-kept Florida beach secret. You will be amazed at how much different the casual culture of the beach is from the high-energy nightlife just across Gulf Blvd. There is a tremendous difference in the sleepy laid-back beach scene and the made-for-prime-time dancing at My Place and JD's Bar.

Start your Florida beach vacation with breakfast at Crabby Bill's

Public Beach Access - City of Indian Rocks

There is high-energy nightlife and dancing on Indian Rocks Beach

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Do I need to worry about Stingray Season on Indian Rocks Beach?




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