A Cheap Beach Wedding Dress Can Make You Look Beautiful

The great thing about a beach wedding dress is that it can be a beautiful cheap beach wedding dress.

Dresses for a beach wedding can be casual, cute, and reasonably priced.

More and more young brides are turning to beach theme weddings. And why not?

They can save $1000's of dollars, yet be married in one of the most beautiful of all settings.

Girls at home on the Florida beaches have made outdoor activities a priority.

What could be more natural for taking the next step to becoming a married couple than planning a cheap Florida beach wedding?

Finding your perfect beach wedding dress means thinking outside tradition

When looking for dresses for a beach wedding, young brides are distancing themselves from traditional wedding stores and opting for places like Penny's, Target, and local Gulf Beaches fashion stores.

Sundresses, pool cover-ups, and sarongs are making a big hit as a cheap beach wedding dress.

Insightful young ladies see no reason to spend $2000 on a gown they will wear once, then store in a closet.

A wedding dress for the beach can be found starting at about $79. Do you think the bride's father would be more than slightly interested in this bit matrimonial frugality?

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You can find even more cute short wedding dresses like those above at Amazon.com

A wedding dress for the beach

When looking at dresses for a beach wedding, there are some things to keep in mind.

* Gone are traditional length gowns. They are too cumbersome, too heavy for the sunshine and humidity of the Florida beach, and they will snag badly the tiny shell fragments of renourished beaches .

* Informal wedding dresses are still too formal for a beach marriage ceremony.

* The newer trend is for dresses of ankle length or higher. Brides are now looking at both tea length and ballet length dresses.

* Designers have been creating more cute sundresses in the past years. They are elegant, with clean lines and subtle feminine tucks.

* Fabrics like georgette, crepe, chiffon, and linen are perfect for the beach because of their lightness and drape. Other favorite materials are organza, satin, and charmeuse. What could be more feminine than a simple beach wedding dress that lightly flows in the gentle breeze off the Gulf?

* Delicate detailing has replaced the heavy beading of wedding gowns seen in traditional church weddings. Simple lace and ribbon, used conservatively, go very well with the understated location of the ceremony.

* The high, stiff necklines of traditional gowns does not fit with the simple beauty of the Florida beaches. Young women are are now selecting styles like a halter, sweetheart, strapless, or scoop neckline because they match the relaxed tenor of the location.

You do not have to be anxious about finding the perfect dress for your beach wedding. There are more options available all the time and many of them cost less than $200.

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