The Florida Hurricane Season - Hurricane Season in Florida

The Florida hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30, on paper, but Mother Nature doesn't read. The hurricane season in Florida can extend on either side of those dates. Know hurricane safety if you plan a Florida beach vacation during this time.

When school is out for the summer many families want to take advantage of the rates for a cheap Florida beach vacation.

It is a good idea, though, to have some basic knowledge about hurricane preparedness when you visit the area.

When you are contacting motels, resorts, or other places to stay, make sure you ask them about their protocol for evacuation and shelter if a hurricane warning is issued. Pin management down to make sure there is a plan in place.

Planning is critical during Florida hurricane season

florida hurricane season evacuation sign * First of all, visit the National Hurricane Center website. This agency is located in Miami, FL and has up to the minute reports. Look ahead to the forecasts for the dates you want to visit.

* Discuss with your accommodations management how you will be informed what to do if an evacuation is to take place, the preferred route to higher ground, and the closest public shelters.

* In the event you will not experience a full-blown hurricane, but a high-level tropical rainstorm, make sure you have flashlights, bottled water, and food incase you are forced to stay inside for 24 hours or more. (Not a fun vacation scenario.)

* In the event you do have to evacuate to a public shelter, make sure you know what clothes and supplies you will take. Shelters can be crowded and noisy. They do not allow pets. If you know someone inland, on higher ground, make plans with them ahead of time.

* Hurricane season in Florida means keeping the gas tank full, cash on hand, supplies in stock, and important papers where you can find them easily.

* You'll probably see many young locals coming to the beach where you are staying to surf or body surf. Don't even think about it. Now is not the time to compound matters with an injury, getting tangled in fishing nets or thick lines that have been pushed toward shore, or yanked out to sea by a huge riptide.

There are a lot of myths that accompany Florida hurricane season

florida hurricane season palms Some of the dumbest statements regarding Florida hurricanes are said with such seriousness, they sound like facts. Let's sort out a few of the big ones...

* The best thing you can do if you are staying in a high-rise resort, condo, or motel is get to the highest floor. "Vertical evacuation" is your smartest move. NO...are you kidding? You do not want to be trapped on the upper floors if the lower ones are filling with water.

* Fill your motel tub and all sinks with drinking water. NO WAY. How will you keep germs out there after a few hours in the motel room?

* Open the windows facing the beach. NO, all that does is let high winds in more easily.

* The Coast Guard will drop isotopes and water-absorbing materials into ocean during Florida hurricane season. NO...well, maybe on the SciFi cable channel.

* Instead of getting into a huge line of cars trying to evacuate, go to the roof of the tallest building on the beach and wait for the Coast Guard helicopter. They pass in 20-minute shuttle intervals. NO...does anything sound more stupid than this?

Hurricane safety is crucial during the Florida hurricane season. Planning is the key. Plus, if you hear any kind of advice that sounds the least bit screwy, check it out before your Florida beach vacation.

More myths about preparedness during the Florida hurricane season

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