Starting A Website Business

Starting a website home business is a smart financial move

starting a website business

Starting a website business has a huge lure. The idea that you can make large amounts of money by starting a website home business is both true...and misleading.

I know, those two concepts sound like polar opposites, but please bear with me. There are tens of thousands of people making VERY good money with an online home business.

You never hear about them, because they see no need to bring attention to the small, specific niche that makes them anywhere from $3000 - $10,000+ per month. They scouted out and found an extremely defined corner for starting a web business...and have quietly become the "authority" in that area.

When people hear about men and women who are making record profits from websites about such exciting topics as: vacuum cleaner reviews, rose gardening, building porches, puppy care, fishing in Kentucky, or visiting country-western bars across the United States...they immediately say to themselves, "You've got to be kidding. I could do THAT!"

Starting a website business is an excellent financial strategy

Like I have stated in other articles, starting a home business is a VERY smart financial move for two reasons:

One: You get complete freedom in reaching your earnings potential. Your profits will depend directly on YOUR creative thinking and YOUR work ethic. People who have solid long-term vision...and put in the hours in front of a keyboard...have done extremely well with proven programs that promote a legit work from home business.

Two: The tax deductions for a home business can LEGALLY keep $3000 - $6000 dollars of YOUR OWN MONEY in your household. It does NOT have to go to fat politicians, illegals, or countries that hate us.

Those two items, alone, are motivation for many people starting a website business.

The myths of starting a website home business

starting a website business is simple, but not easy

* The biggest myth that pervades the culture of starting your own online home business is that all you have to do is build a 1-2 page site...and the money will roll in.

* Another myth that is continually hyped is that...everybody on the Internet wants to spend money. Nothing could be further from the truth.

* The 3rd biggest myth surrounding starting a website is "once you learn a few secret tricks, the money explodes out of your computer." No way. There is a definite LEARNING CURVE, and you will be behind it for quite awhile.

* You will NOT make huge amounts of money in your first year. It normally takes about 3 years before an online home business starts making significant profits.

* A cursory glance at a search engine will show an unbelievable amount of sites telling you how simple and easy it is to "earn money while you sleep." Well...if that were true, why is it that we are in the middle of a tremendous financial mess?

* When you read the hype on a site promoting "Build a cash cow website. Make money in your underwear," they NEVER discuss: teaching you how to find a profitable niche...selecting the most profitable keywords...optimizing your site so that it is easily found for high placement by the search engines...or get the best hosting.

It's for these reasons, and many more, that I said in the beginning that starting a website business can make great money, but that it is also misleading.

So...what's the solution to starting a website business?

starting a website business in much easier with a proven program Too many people have gotten caught up in the hype, dreams of easy money money, and the enthusiasm of starting a home business with their laptop...then burned out 5-6 weeks later because the technology and work ethic side of the equation did them in.

* The first thing to do is acknowledge that there WILL BE a learning curve involved...and it may take close to a year to process and get ahead of.

* Burn it into your mind that the #1 Factor in making money with your website is DRIVING TARGETED TRAFFIC to it.

* The second factor you must burn into your brain is: content is the key. You must form the habit of sitting down frequently and regularly (the people who make good money do it EVERYDAY) and creating original and relevant content, targeted to the most profitable keywords in your niche, that will be informative to your visitors and easily found by the search engines.

* Know that starting a website business means you will continually be reading more about technology, improving your expressive skills, and building content to drive targeted traffic.

* In almost all instances, you will be making pennies per month at first. The idea of online wealth creation being easy is NOT reality.

I started a website business back in 2002, but it was not until seven years later, when I found SiteSell/Solo Build It! AGAIN, that I started to make decent money.

(I actually found this when I first started, but in my misguided and stupid attempt to "save money", I decided I could do it all myself. There is no telling how much money I lost...and missed out those seven years, or how much MORE I would be making right now.)

When you are starting a website business, the absolute best Internet business is the one that feeds your passion, is easiest to initiate and maintain, and focuses on BUILDING A BUSINESS...not making short-term money.

**The great thing about Solo Build It! is that you DO NOT have to build quality pages from scratch using HTML or CSS. It has a suite of point-and-click tools that automate a tremendous amount of functions.

If you'd like to learn more about starting a website business using Solo Build It! please read through some of the case studies of people making good money and watch this informative video tour.

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