Retire In Florida

retire in florida

Retirement in Florida is laid back in Paradise

Retire in Florida and live the quiet and laid back Florida beach lifestyle. Retirement in Florida is like coming home to Paradise.

To me, there is no more perfect place to retire than the Florida Gulf Beaches. They have everything I could possibly want:

* A lifestyle that is restful and laid back.

* Great outdoor exercise environment.

* Quiet little beach bars to watch a sunset.

* More recreational opportunities than you do.

* Close shopping. Good prices.

* Beautiful scenery and no pollution.

Do some research before your retire in Florida

retire in florida live in paradise

I want to be upfront with you. Just because I like spending my day in Aloha shirts, a swimsuit, and flip-flops...running, reading, and napping on the beach...eating, dancing, and sharing a beer in little beach bars at sunset with my girlfriend...doesn't mean that YOU will.

Also, I live real cheap. I stay in an older (over 35 years old) condo that is restricted to ages 55+. The maintenance fee is $330/month and my taxes are just under $600 per year. My electric bill runs about $35/month. (Yes, you read that right. I live on the bottom floor and have several ceiling fans.)

However, all residences are NOT like this. You will really have to search things out if you want to purchase/lease a place for retirement in Florida.

Before you pick up and retire in Florida, do this:

* Spend a month here July-August, as well as December-January.

* Meet with a real estate agent and get an idea on housing costs.

* Learn all you can about homeowners/hurricane insurance.

* Meet with a county official about area property taxes.

* Look at a variety of locations before your purchase/lease.

* Read books such as So You Want To Move To Florida

Are there any other considerations about retiring in Florida?

retire in florida and enjoy paradise laid back living Just like any other beautiful place in the world, the Florida beaches have drawbacks to some people.

Those of us who love the carefree, laid back beach lifestyle see the following as mild annoyances...but others find them tremendously irritating. You need to look real hard at some of these factors in your Florida retirement.

* Heat and very high humidity from May - November.

* Stingrays in the ocean April - October.

* Daily rain/thunderstorms in the summer.

* The humidity can cause much rust on your vehicle.

* Lots of mosquitoes away from the beach.

* Cockroaches are in ALL homes.

* Small lizards get into ALL homes.

* Alligators can get under cars and in swimming pools.

* You have to carry Quarters for parking meters.

* Beach traffic can be bad during Spring Break.

* Many restaurant entrees are mainly seafood.

* Property tax on 2nd homes can be financially crippling.

* A Drivers License requires lots of ID and an official birth certificate

I knew I wanted to retire in Florida, and spend the rest of my days on the 700 miles of white sandy beaches. I am continually thankful that I can enjoy the tropical beauty and easy life here in Paradise. I hope you get to do it, too.

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