Pass-A-Grille Beach...Undeveloped, Unhurried, and Unpretentious

Although Pass-A-Grille Beach is officially part of St Pete Beach FL, it is unique as an undeveloped beach community.

Okay, let's not try to change city tax rolls, Pass-A-Grille is actually part of St. Pete Beach...but, it is spoken of as a separate community by the locals because it's on its own small peninsula.

Talk about laid-back. George Strait would be seen as having ADHD in this town.

The pace here is about as hurried as a driving to the dentist.

How do you get to this little piece of Paradise?

pass-a-grille beach fl Located at the southern-most end of Long Key, it has four miles of unspoiled, undeveloped public beach that winds along Gulf Way on the ocean side, where it then wraps around to Boca Ciega Bay on the channel side.

To get to Pass-A-Grille Beach, you just follow Gulf Blvd south out of St. Pete Beach where it transitions into Pass-A-Grille Way. When you get to 22nd Avenue, turn right (west) toward the ocean. You'll take another left on Gulf Way.

Gulf Way and Pass-A-Grille Way meet at the tip of Long Key at the south end. They are the only two major north-south streets on this part of the barrier island. You can't get lost, but you can drive in a lot of circles.

Gulf Way is lined with metered parking. It runs all the way from 22nd Avenue to the north down to 1st Avenue at the south end. Although it seems like there are a thousand spaces, they can fill up quickly during the months of March and April.

Is there parking near the Pass-A-Grille public beach access?
pass-a-grille parking lot Paying to park can be an adventure the first time, because instead of individual meters, there are little "satellite" pay stations located along Gulf Way. You put your money in, then receive a receipt stating how long you can stay in your spot.

Know your parking space number before you feed money into the pay station. This will save you some aggravation and embarrassment if there is a line behind you at the pay station.

Do NOT park on the cross streets. This is for residents with permit only. There are some metered spaces between 1st Avenue and 12th Avenue over on the Boca Ciega Bay side and you can easily walk the few blocks across to Pass-A-Grille Beach.

What makes Pass-A-Grille so special?

pass-a-grille beach chairs The most obvious answer is the unspoiled look of this beachside community.

There are no condos, homes, resorts, or motels directly on the beach.

It is a refreshing break from the overbuilt look of the barrier islands to the north.

There are no high-rises and the landscape is well-cared for without looking like royalty grounds.

Pass-A-Grille Beach is attractive and easily accessible.

It is popular with families because of the clean sand, shallow water, and well-maintained facilities.

Retirees and couples enjoy the quietness of this romantic setting.

The beauty is pretty much unmatched along the barrier islands and it is far away from the high-energy of St Pete Beach a few minutes to the north.

The beach is unspoiled. There is no development along the Gulf.

pass-a-grille snack bar The Paradise Grille is the only structure on the beach side.

It is located about 10th Avenue and is open early for breakfast as well as for meals throughout the afternoon.

You eat right on the beach. Showers and restroom facilities are clean and reliable.

Pass-A-Grille Beach is the most unspoiled of all the nice beaches on Pinellas County Barrier Islands. Treat yourself to a day here. Relax on the shoreline, take a walk over to the small 8th Avenue Historic Business District, and watch the sunset from either the Hurricane Restaurant or The Brass Monkey next door.

Ernest Hemmingway never had it this good down in the Keys.

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