How To Start An Online Business

how to start an online business

Starting a home business could be one of the smartest financial moves you ever make.

Learning how to start an online business correctly will save you money and frustration. An online home business will provide you two startling financial opportunities.

One - You have the opportunity to build your web business as big as you want, and you can monetize it how you want. The potential for creating profits is limited only by your creative thinking and work ethic.

Two - Tax deductions for a home business can keep an EXTRA $3000 - $6000 dollars in your own household each year. What could you do if you saved an extra $400-$500 dollars per month on taxes?

The economy is in a precarious position. Many people are looking for a part-time job in retirement to help maintain their quality of life. Starting an online home business is worth considering.

The opportunity to work from home is much more attractive than getting back in the ratrace.

Learning how to start an online business right means ignoring the hype

learn how to start online busiess

The Internet is filled with hype, exaggeration, and outright lies about "online wealth creation". You can literally visit a hundred sites in one day, all promising that you can get rich if you just have a laptop, and start an online home business.

Sadly, it does not work that way at all. If you are going to make money with a web business you run from home, there will be a steep learning curve to overcome, and you will have to treat your homebased business with the same seriousness as a regular job.

The nonsense that there is a "Money Key" on your computer, like in the picture above, is NOT reality. However...your ability to use all the keys creatively with a legitimate proven program, will put you ahead of those chasing "get rich quick" scams.

I am fortunate that I found SiteBuildIt!. Without it, I would be struggling.

As you can see, one of the sites I run is this travel information site about the beautiful Florida beaches where I spend most of my time. It allows me to combine the very best parts of daily business and pleasure in my retirement. (My expenses for eating, lodging, entertainment, and gas are tax-deductible.)

However, there are people of all ages...from all points of America, and in other countries...who are succeeding with original online home businesses that match their own interests. Read how they are making good money by working both hard and intelligently.

Retirees can readily learn how to start an online business

retirees can learn how to start an online business SiteBuildIt! is a godsend for retirees. I can say this with some authority because I am retired.

Since I live in such a beautiful area and enjoy visiting all Florida beaches, a travel information site was a natural for me.

I will be honest with you and let you know that during the first week to 10 days of using this program, my head was spinning. There were times I just "didn't get it"...or so I thought. However, by the end of the second week, by following all the detailed directions, I made a huge jump in progress and it became more easy with each passing month.

Now, I can create solid pages for all of my sites very easily. They get indexed quickly and they generate traffic.

Just so you know, I was a PE teacher. I had no background in computers, programming, or website development. I had messed around with starting an online home business back in 2001, and built some very poor sites which actually made me money. (Go figure.) However, I was flying blind when it came to starting an Internet home business.

Learning how to start an online business correctly, without any hype or false promises of riches, appealed to me from the start. However, my biggest regret was not getting started with Solo Build It! back in 2002 when I first read about it. I would have been so much farther ahead just due to the "web presence maturity" factor of my pages.

I have a friend with close to 4000 pages on just one of his travel sites. He's been creating 1-2 new pages each day for many...MANY.. years. He monetized his pages with Adsense when Google first unveiled it...and is now making $600+ dollars per day.

I do not know if that is where I would be right now, but I would have liked to have learned how to start an online business correctly way back in 2002. It is much better to say, "I'm glad I did"...instead of, "I wished I had."

An Online Travel Business is profitable and loaded with tax writeoffs

Become A Travel Writer - You can do it!

Learn more about how to start an online business with this video featuring Solo Build It!

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