Make sure to bring your camera to Redington Shores Beach

Redington Shores Beach is only about a one mile stretch, but the County Park beach access is sandwiched between two things you don't want to miss.

I don't have anything against this Florida beach, it is actually wide and beautiful.

However, finding free parking is non-existent.

The main area of public beach access is at about 182nd Avenue at the Pinellas County paved lot.

Once again, this place requires handfuls of U. S. Quarters to spend any amount of time enjoying the nice beach.

Bring your camera, though, because when you cross over the well-maintained dunes you will be confronted with...

The Redington Shores Beach Breakwater

redington shores beach breakwater This structure is the only one like it on all of the barrier islands. (Maybe on all Florida beaches.)

Although it is hideous and dangerous looking, it evidently does its job of retarding beach erosion very well.

There are signs posted to stay away from it, but that doesn't seem to stop some idiots from climbing around on it or trying to fish from it.

I never get near the thing. I'm sure there are a million rusty fish hooks snagged in every crag of those boulders.

It is not worth it to fall on those rocks. There is plenty of beautiful and wide-open beach two minutes in either direction.

Once you've seen the Redington Shores Breakwater, you are ready to head across Gulf Blvd for a truly unique experience. Directly east of the parking lot is...

Lana's Friendly Tavern

lana's friendly tavern

Talk about a popular place. The locals start tooling in about 4:30 PM...and seem to leave about 4:30 AM.

You will find outlaw-looking Harley's parked right by BMW's. Physicians, attorneys, and all manner of professional people gather to hoist a cold one with roofers, framers, and drywall hangers.

It is not unusual to see two good-looking female business women talking to a biker with enough piercings that make him look like he fell into a tackle box.

The beer is ice cold, the food is good, and the fun is continual. Some really good karaoke singers frequent here.

The Friendly Tavern is open for breakfast and it is very relaxing to eat on the deck on a lazy Saturday morning. No, it is not right on the beach, you have to cross Gulf Blvd...but this little place really captures the Old Florida beach bar charm.

Don't pass up the experience.

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Do I have to worry about Stingray Season on Redington Shores Beach?

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