Become A Florida Snowbird

Become a Florida snowbird.

Become A Florida Snowbird. You do not have to live full-time in Florida to enjoy Paradise. Many retirees RV in Florida, stay in cheaper rentals, or even Florida mobile home parks. Snowbirds have it great! They get the best of two worlds.

Some where along the line, the words "Florida snowbird" got a bad connotation.

Back thirty or forty years ago, snowbirds were caricatured as loud, obnoxious old guys who chomped smelly cigars and bragged about their money...yet tipped cheap.

I'm glad to say, THAT image seems completely gone. Some of my best friends here in Paradise are snowbirds.

They come in from places like NYC, Michigan, and Canada after Christmas each year, and stay until about the middle of April, then head back to their pleasant northern climates.

I have learned a lot from my snowbird friends. A lot of us have online home based businesses, we invest in penny stocks, we like to workout on the beach (as well as at the CrossFit gym) and they are extremely astute about the tremendous tax write-offs that come with running a home business that focuses on travel.

Actually, a lot of these couples live here almost for free because of the tax deductions they get for running an Internet business.

Listen, I have been a "reverse snowbird." For many years, I drove back to Flagstaff AZ each summer because I loved the cool, mountain high-country in comparison to the hot, humid Florida summers.

I may even start doing that again. Truthfully, it is a lot more fun running in 50 degree mornings, than ones that are 82 degrees and 85% humidity on Treasure Island Beach.

Advantages Of Becoming A Florida Snowbird

There are great advantages when you become a Florida snowbird.

When you become a Florida snowbird, you quickly find out there are many advantages.

* You can choose where you want to live for a few months.

* You are not locked into one location. You have the freedom to change where you reside each season.

* There is no threat of hurricanes from December - April.

* You get to experience pleasant weather all through the year.

* Florida is the #1 RV destination.

* You can live in a jogging suit when it is cold, and t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops when it is warm.

* You can get a lot of reading done on laid-back, quiet beaches since school is in session.

* There are great opportunities for biking and beach walks.

* Many snowbirds actually change residency since there is no Florida state income tax.

What About Money?

Yes, it is true that most people become a Florida snowbird because they have a consistent pension (teachers, fire fighters, police officers) backing them up...but many more run their own Internet businesses.

The great thing about running an online business, (other than the incredible tax write-offs that put money back into your pocket) is that you can work right from your laptop.

Like me, most of my friends have at least one travel-oriented site that they update continually.

Trust me, you can become a travel writer on your own blog without a lot of formal education...and make good money.

If you have been thinking about getting out of the cold northern winters, but did not want to make a complete move down here to Paradise, consider the option to become a Florida snowbird.

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