Running For Fat Loss On The Florida Beach

running for fat loss on the florida beach must also involve optimal nutrition and weight training workouts

Beach running will burn belly fat and build lean muscle

Running for fat loss on the Florida beach is a daily activity, but not the whole story. If you want to burn belly fat, you must adhere to a good diet and workout to build lean muscle mass.

Let's be clear about this right off the bat: Running is great for fat loss...BUT...You CANNOT simply run-off fat.

Please burn that into your brain.

Running is NOT the ultimate cure-all for permanent fat loss.

Although it has been estimated that beach running is 30% more strenuous than running on a paved surface, that does not mean you burn 30% more calories.

Just because you run does NOT mean you can eat anything you please...and in whatever amount. That is not reality and you will NOT see the fat loss results you desire.

Running for fat loss is just one part of the equation

running for fat loss is just one part of the equation for burning belly fat on the florida beach In order to burn belly fat, you must attack it with a three-pronged approach.

* (1) You must adhere to a diet centered on good food choices. (2) You must workout regularly with weights to build lean muscle. (3) You must get strong enough to include interval workouts.

* Of the three elements of fat loss, DIET is by far the most important.

* Yes, running on sand is extremely taxing, but you are NOT going to burn off 500 calories on a 4-mile run, even if it includes intervals.

* However, if you cut donuts, pop, and a couple of slices of bread out of your diet each've taken away over 500 calories right there.

* To lose belly fat effectively, you need to cut sugar foods and processed foods out of your diet. Male belly fat is a turn-off to chicks on the Florida beach. You don't need it.

* Start replacing sugar foods with fresh fruits (NOT fruit juices.) Start replacing processed foods with fresh vegetables and solid protein sources like turkey, fish, or chicken breasts.

* Start each morning with a cold glass of water. Have a cold glass with each meal. Water metabolizes fat and removes toxins from your system.

You can accelerate losing belly fat and getting rid of love handles by establishing a slight calorie deficit each week through more positive food choices.

Running for fat loss is enhanced by increasing lean muscle

running for fat loss is enhanced by increasing lean muscle mass

Your fat loss goals are more easily achieved when you can naturally increase your metabolism. The best way to do this is through (1) strength training to build lean muscle, and (2) interval workouts that fire up your metabolic rate for hours after you finish.

* You do NOT have to put in hours like an Olympic lifter to start seeing results with weight training.

* Use compound, multi-joint lifts that focus on the large muscle groups of your body. (Benches, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, dips, rowing, etc) Do NOT bother with "fluff" exercises.

* If you use a fundamental lifting routine from a proven program like The Truth About Six Pack Abs that takes less than an hour, you can start seeing results in as little as 12-18 weeks.

* It is good to alternate your strength training and running days. However, if you do run on a day you your weight workout first, and just run easy.

* Interval training is the fastest way to burning belly fat while you run, but you have to work up to this type of a workout. You can do it. It'll just take some time until you are strong enough.

* Stay away from "secret" supplements. Stay away from protein shakes (which can actually make you fat.) Learn all you can about what foods build lean muscle and what foods are most easily stored as fat.

Learn about running for fat loss with a proven program to get started

learn about running for fat loss from a qualified instructor with a proven program Many people start a running program to lose belly fat, and many people give it up. The reasons vary, but they usually come down to two main ones (1) a loss of motivation, and (2) injuries.

* If you have not been active for quite awhile, you CANNOT just jump into running. Like anything else, there is a learning curve and an adaption curve.

* Just like fat loss is sensible and progressive, so is running to get rid of fat.

* Jeff Galloway made the United States Olympic Team as a 10,000 meter runner in 1972...but it has been the protocol he designed under the "less is more" philosophy of training that has made him one of the premiere running instructors in the world.

* His outstanding book, Running: Getting Started has been hailed as the finest resource for a safe, sensible, and progressive approach to running.

* Although not geared specifically to those of us running here on the Florida Gulf Beaches, it still provides the beginner with a boatload of outstanding information and tips.

Running for fat loss is both beneficial and therapeutic. I hope you make it a lifelong activity. It certainly enhances our relaxing Florida beach lifestyle.

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