Male Belly Fat Is A Turnoff To Women

male belly fat is a turnof to women on the florida beach

Burn belly fat and increase ab definition to build a body women admire

Male belly fat is a deal-breaker for meeting women on the Florida beach. You can burn belly fat and gain ab definition with a consistent proven program. Don't let male ab fat shoot you down when it comes to good-looking chicks.

There may have been a time when women thought a bit of a beer belly was "cute"...but that has not been in the past twenty years.

On the beach, you are totally exposed. If you are NOT going shirtless, that raises a big question mark for women.

You can lose belly fat, build lean muscle, and increase ab definition...but it will take some solid commitment on your part. It will NOT happen quickly and it will NOT happen without some hard work on your part.

If you were looking for some kind of hokey horse pucky about burning belly fat with fruity shakes, "secret supplements", or eating your favorite foods as much as you came to the wrong site.

We deal in reality here. Male belly fat is a turnoff to chicks...and that is reality. It took time for you to put it on and it will take some time to burn it off.

Burning Male Belly Fat Requires Commitment And Focused Workouts

male belly fat can be burned with commitment and focused workouts

When guys decide they want to look good for Spring Break or vacation on the Florida beach, they get caught up in all the hype they read on the Internet about blow-torching inches of belly fat off in a few weeks and replacing it, pound-for-pound, with rock solid muscle.

Sorry, that's not reality. That's major league fantasy. However, if that's what you believe, you'd be better off going to one of those sites than reading any farther.

* The #1 method to lose belly fat is to start eating consciously and eating like an athlete. It means consuming more fresh fruits, more green and yellow vegetables, and more lean protein.

* Eating consciously means you will make a commitment to know EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth each time you open it and that you WILL control portions.

* You will make a commitment to know what foods sabotage fat loss and do nothing to contribute to building solid muscle.

* Women like the look of lean, muscular Olympic athletes and NFL skill position players. Those guys know PRECISELY what they eat and the size of portions. They also workout and run with a purpose.

* Eating and working out like an athlete is a lifestyle, NOT a catch-as-catch-can program to lose a few pounds before a Florida beach vacation.

* Forget about protein shakes, forget about expensive (and worthless) supplements, forget about 30-minutes on the exercise bike while you read a Robert Crais novel. None of that nonsense will help you get rid of male belly fat or build bigger muscles.

Get Rid Of Male Belly Fat - Build Lean Muscle Mass

to get rid of male belly fat your workouts must be focused All guys want to know if they can burn belly fat and build lean muscle at the same time. The answer is Yes...BUT, you will NOT be building huge Popeye-like muscles as you go. It takes a few years to increase muscle mass density. Ask any Olympic athlete or NFL player.

However, regular, consistent, and focused weight training work is a MUST to help you increase metabolism naturally and gain lean muscle mass.

* One great thing about burning fat is that the more defined you become, the more muscular you look.

* You do not have to crush yourself every workout, but you do have to focus on maintaining intensity and working hard.

* When you focus on increasing your strength as you lose male ab fat, you will make significant muscular gains.

* The best exercises for building muscle mass are whole body, compound-joint exercises such as: military dumbbell presses, squats, deadlifts, lat pulldowns, pull ups, dips, bench presses, heavy cheat curls, and rowing.

* Do NOT bother with fluff exercises like wrist curls or triceps kickbacks.

* In addition to your weight training, you must include 30-45 minutes of continuous activity. Cardio does not burn off near as much male belly fat as quality nutrition and reducing your calorie intake, but it elevates your metabolism once you are fit enough to include interval training.

You can burn male belly fat and create a body women want to touch, but it will take some time and it will take a committed effort on your part. Think how good you will look at the beach when you are lean, tight, and defined.

One of the best programs we have found to get rid of belly fat and build lean muscle is The Truth About Abs. Mike Geary will help you achieve the muscularity you are looking for.

The Best Beginner/Intermediate Weight Training Program

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