It's Beautiful On Top Of St Pete Pier

on top of st pete pier

Cha Cha Coconuts gives you a view that is unrivaled

On top of St Pete Pier, from Cha Cha Coconuts, you have an unrivaled view of downtown St Pete and Tampa Bay.

After taking a few shots of St Pete Pier from Demens Landing Park, I had a strong urge for a grilled chicken sandwich and a beer up on the rooftop bar...Cha Cha Coconuts.

I love it up there. You get a seagull's eye view of downtown St Petersburg FL and expansive Tampa Bay.

The lunch time crowd is not near as heavy as dinner at Cha Cha Coconuts. You have the opportunity to walk around without interfering in someone's conversation, or obstructing their view.

July, August, and September can be a bit a tough because of the heat. It's much better after the sun goes down in those summer months.

However, the other nine months make you thankful to live here in Paradise. It is cool, sunny, and clear. You can see all the way to Gandy Bridge and the edge of downtown Tampa when you look northeast across the Bay.

On top of St Pete Pier in pictures

on top of st pete pier view of downtown st pete

To me, the most impressive view is looking west on 2nd Ave NE into downtown St Pete.

on top of st pete pier view of downtown st pete and the vinoy

Moving northwest, you get a beautiful view of the Vinoy Resort blending into the downtown area.

on top of st pete pier view of gandy brige and downtown tampa

Looking more to the northeast, you will see Gandy Bridge to downtown Tampa.

on top of st pete pier view of tampa bay

You get a real sense of the expanse or Tampa Bay up here on top of Cha Cha Coconuts.

on top of st pete pier view sailboats racing in tampa bay

I was able to watch two small sailboats racing across this huge area of water.

on top of st pete pier view south

Looking south across the open patio on the east side of Cha Cha Coconuts.

on top of st pete pier view covered patio

As you can see, the covered patio is totally bare during the early lunch hour. There was just one other guy, besides me, on top here.

on top of st pete pier view albert whitted airport

You have a great view of Albert Whitted Airport to the south.

on top of st pete pier view boating class

Today, there was a boating class taking place, also.

on top of st pete pier view pier bait house

The ever-popular Pier Bait House looks small and lonely from up here. You can get sandwiches down there...and feed fish to the pelicans at the same time.

on top of st pete pier view the trolly on 2nd ave ne

When I finally got back to the beginning, I got this nice shot of the Pier Trolly that takes passengers back and forth from the two parking lots about a quarter of mile away.

Take time to visit on top of St Pete Pier during your next Florida beach vacation. You'll enjoy the food, the view, and the connection with the Florida beach lifestyle.

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