Why Go On Vacation If You Live In Florida?

Why pay to travel in retirement?

Why go on vacation if you live in Florida? I do it because it makes me money and I do not have to pay for it. Several of my friends take this same approach to retirement travel.

It is the best of both worlds...we get to see all the beauty of small towns, National Parks, and famous attractions...yet almost all our expenses are tax-deductible and we profit off each excursion.

Don't get me wrong, living on the Florida beaches is truly living in Paradise...but, remember, the climate of Florida runs the range of Humid-Subtropical to Tropical. In the summer, that means it can get hot, muggy, and rainy.

It is great to break up the summer (June-October) with extended trips out West or to the Pacific Northwest. The cool, clean mountain air, the beautiful forests, and eating in little iconic places just seem to make you even more thankful to be retired and free.

It is even better knowing you can make good money off these trips, and Uncle Sam will subsidize your vacation.

(Of course, when you live on the Florida beaches, you like to take the mild winter months to visit other Florida beach towns. Amazing how that works, once you start traveling.)

Really, when somebody asks, "Why do you go on vacation if you live in Florida?"...I say, "It's for the money!"

Profit From Vacations In Retirement

I go on vacation to make money.Now you can make money from your laptop by vacationing.

I make money on my vacations away from my home in St Petersburg FL by working from my laptop.

I have an online home business that allows me to create content for the websites I manage from any place that has WiFi.

I can work from a park, a college library, an airport, or a place like Denny's Restaurant.

What's great is that YOU can do this, too.

Trust me, I am a retired PE teacher. If I can make money, so can you.

Back in 2009, I ran across a company called SiteSell/Site Build It.

They did NOT promise me I would make a bundle of money, but they did promise their product would help me build a legit Internet home business.

The only two factors I had to bring to the table were creativity and a strong work ethic.

The concept of making money online is simple...but it is not easy. (If it was, anybody could throw up a cheap website and make a $100 bucks a day just breathing.)

NOBODY can give you a guaranteed path to a sled full of money, but there is great information, now, that will decrease the learning curve tremendously.

I will be truthful with you: I am NOT an Internet guru who rakes in thousands of bucks each day. I have 12 websites that each average a little over $20/day.

You can do the math...that's only an extra $6000+ per month...but I can live like a millionaire on that. It is all used for fun. My teacher's pension takes care of my everyday living expenses.

What could YOU do with an extra $6000 - $7000 each month? And the great thing is...I know how to increase the profits, and I work at that every day.

I profit mainly from running a couple of travel sites and some health/fitness sites.

Why Go On Vacation If You Live
In Florida?

Women make money with simple travel sites.Women make most of the money with simple travel sites.

Like I said, "It's for the money!"...and believe it, or not...more women do this than men.

I am not kidding you.

Of the six couples I know who follow the same same game plan as me, it is the woman who is making the most money.

Invest in a Apple laptop, a Canon camera, and a Rand-McNally roadmap...and you are pretty good to go.

Women love simplicity and they love to share feelings and experiences about great places, so they are naturals.

Plus, they will intently study a How To book in order to get things right.

The couples I know, who are Florida snowbirds, love the lifestyle that making money from a travel site provides them.

Get Control Of Your Taxes In Retirement

I rarely tell anyone what to purchase. However, when it comes to saving you $1000's of dollars of your own money, I will tell you to spend $30 on Dr. Ron Mueller's downloadable eBook: Home Business Tax Savings Made Easy.

Stop giving your money away! Keep more of what YOU earn.Discover how to keep $1000's of dollars of your own money.

Vacationing and making money is great. Knowing how to keep more of what you earn is even better.

Why should you continue to overpay your taxes when, as a home business owner, you are eligible for legal tax deductions?

It doesn't make any sense to hand over money that you are legally entitled to, so that bureaucrats can give it to people who refuse to work or countries that hate us.

How does that help any of us?

Once again...why go on vacation if you live in Florida? FOR THE MONEY!

Look at this simple table below.

By spending about five minutes each evening at the hotel pool, recording my travel, time spent engaged in making money, and my expenses...I can legitimately take tax write-offs for these items.

If you took the same vacation, you could not.

By having an online home business, I ave gotten to keep tens of thousands of dollars of my own money since I retired.

Is it any wonder that more and more retired people, like us, are seeing the opportunity to enhance our freedom from our former job by creating an Internet business from home?

I love living the Florida beach lifestyle. I love traveling to exciting new places here in the United States. And I love making a profit from those travels.

Is it any wonder why, when people ask, "Why go on vacation if you live in Florida?" my quick answer is..."For the money!"

Are you over 50...and looking for a Second Chance?

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