Start A Travel Writing Career At Home

start a travel writing career at home

You can start an online travel writing business and deduct your expenses

A travel writing career can be launched as your own home business. Travel writing online has overtaken articles in magazines. You can make money and deduct your expenses with an online home business.

Travel writing appeals to all adult age groups.

From college graduates to retirees, it is easy for people to see themselves writing about a pristine national park or sharing insights about a quiet Florida beach vacation.

What they do not realize is that there are hundreds of average people (just like me) who took the chance on starting an online home business and are now making a profit that increases each month.

If you are the type of person who can commit to learning some simple travel writing guidelines and integrating some travel writing tips into a legitimate home business, you can establish a web presence that has profit potential.

A travel writing career must start as a committed home business

a travel writing career must be a serious commitment to a legitimate home business

A great many people want to "be a travel writer"...but are not much interested in the focus needed for "becoming a travel writer."

I want to be straight with you, there is money to be made on the Internet, but it is not as easy as the Get-Rich-Online malarkey that is hyped by thousands of websites.

* Starting a web business takes just as much focus and tedious work as starting shop downtown.

* Here is the #1 myth on the Internet: You can throw up a few pages with a free blog and rake in the coins. It WILL NOT happen. A blog and an online business are two separate things.

* The men and women making money with a travel writing career have committed themselves to learning not only how to appeal to their human audiences with solid expressive and photography skills, but also how to appeal to the search engines on the Internet.

* You will hear me say over and over, "There is a learning curve involved with establishing an online travel writing business." You will have to spend time getting out from behind it.

* Your travel writing business profitability depends directly on your insight, your expressive skills, your creativity, your ability to learn how to market online, and your work ethic.

All of us started out just like you in our online travel writing career. We made mistakes, re-read information until our eyes crossed, asked hundreds of questions...and managed to muddle through.

Fortunately, the unique program Solo Build It! has cut years off the learning curve. If you are truly considering starting a travel writing home business, it is well worth looking into.

Learn how the tax deductions for a home business will put $3000 - $6000 back in your household

Solo Build It! has helped many retirees establish a profitable website business

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