Becoming A Travel Writer

becoming a travel writer is easier than you think

Become a travel writer, make money, and deduct your expenses

Becoming a travel writer is much easier than you think. You can become a travel writer, earn good money, and writeoff your expenses as business deductions.

Travel writing has been a dream of many of us. It is easy to see yourself hiking a new trail in Teton National Park or toasting a sunset from a little beach bar on the Florida Gulf Beaches...then putting it all into word pictures so others can enjoy it too.

The part that dissuades us, though, is the tight grip held on the genre by magazine editors. After you've accumulated 8-10 rejection letters, on pieces where you crushed yourself to turn out quality content, it gets pretty discouraging.

However, the Internet has changed all of that. Right now, there are hundreds of everyday people (I'm one of them) who make money from their laptop by providing information about places where they visit, or where they live.

I do not have to fool with mail costs, I do not have to fool with sending query letters to editors, I do not have to fool with editors ripping off my idea and sending one of their favorite writers to do the piece.

Travel writing should be fun...not a hassle. (At least that's how I look at it.)

I go where I want, when I want, monetize how I want, and writeoff almost all my expenses since tax deductions for a home business are so good.

Does becoming a travel writer sound a bit more do-able for you now?

You can become a travel writer with a laptop, a digital camera, and commitment

becoming a travel writer will take commitment on your part

Before you read any further, let's be clear, I'm not talking about you setting up a free blog and making posts every couple of weeks.

I don't know about you, but I've read enough drivel in blogs about various digestive problems, steering clear of beggars/street people, and pointed discussions with restaurant managers about poor service, to last the rest of my life.

Blogs DO NOT make money. Burn that into your brain. Blogs DO NOT make money.

If you spend any time reading some of them, you'll see that they are a combination of poor journaling and self-inflation.

I'm talking about YOU starting a legit work from home business using the Internet.

Becoming a travel writer means you will be creating a business to last the rest of your life.

It will be your idea, it will have your personality, it will be driven by your desire to learn, your creativity...and most importantly...your work ethic.

There will be no ceiling on your earnings unless it is self-imposed. There will be no restrictions on the length of your articles, or the number of photos you use to engage the reader.

Becoming a travel writer: Making commitments to yourself

becoming a travel writer means making commitments to yiurself and your readers I want you to look over the following questions and answer them as honestly as possible. A lot of people want to "be" a travel writer, but many do not want to work to "become a travel writer."

* Would you commit to building a solid business around your talent?

* Would you commit to the intent of making your business profitable...not just a hobby?

* Would you commit to the time it takes in starting a web business?

* Would you commit to continually improving your expressive skills and photography skills?

* Would you commit to writing on boats, in parks, or is cafes on your laptop?

* Would you commit to the mundane chore of editing the digital photos you take each day?

* Would you commit to sitting down at a keyboard everyday for a year to 18 months to get your business off the ground?

* Would you commit to giving your readers the most positive experience possible and make them want to visit the areas you do?

* Would you commit to giving your readers solid answers to: Who, What, When, Where?

* Would you commit to spending 5-6 minutes each evening recording your expenses or mileage in order to save $3000 - $6000 in taxes?

As you can see, becoming a travel writer entails a bit more than taking naps in hammocks or enjoying sunrises over a mountain lake. Building a business will be a bit of a struggle, at first, because there is a definite learning curve involved...but if I can do can do it. Probably even better!

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