Sunrise At John's Pass

Sunrise at John's Pass.

Sunrise At John's Pass. I love it. The peacefulness of this little shopping village accentuates the laid back Florida beach life we enjoy here on Treasure Island.

I like to go up to the top level during the late Fall, when October is coming to a close.

It's cool, the humidity is low, and there is hardly anyone stirring...other than a few kindred souls who like to share the solitude, the spiritual beauty, and the smell of clean salt air.

It doesn't matter if you are a local, or visiting here on a Florida beach vacation, the peaceful pull of John's Pass will stay with you forever.

Looking east across Boca Ciega Bay as the sun gently rises, hearing the shorebirds make their first noises, watching a small pod of dolphins undulating through the makes you extremely thankful you can enjoy the Florida beach lifestyle.

If you come up here with a woman you love, there is really no need for words. You can both run through a cascade of powerful feelings, and feel closer to each other, just by experiencing the simplicity of sunrise.

Between 2005-2010, it was a bit tougher, though, because the harbor was filled with huge pieces of machinery and hulking, rusty barges to support the construction of the new John's Pass Bridge.

Now, all that chaos is gone, the bridge is beautiful, and the pleasure of living a laid-back life on the beach is even more enhanced.

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Sunrise At John's Pass In Pictures

Sunrise at John's Pass looking into Boca Ciega Bay.

As you can see, I was the only one in the parking lot. I had the upper level all to myself.

John's Pass at sunrise.

The sun pulls itself up over Boca Ciega Bay. John's Pass Village is located at the southern-most end of Madeira Beach FL.

Rusty construction barges at Johns Pass 2005-2010.

These rusty barges were a challenge to the peacefulness you now experience during a John's Pass sunrise. It was like this from 2005-2010. I am thankful it is all gone.

John's Pass construction congestion.

Checkout how congested the harbor used to be. This had a bit of effect on any meditative work you might want to.

The new John's Pass Bridge is beautiful, and easily captures hues of the morning sun.

View of construction from Bubba Gump Restaurant 500v

The view from Bubba Gump Restaurant, out into the John's Pass Harbor on Boca Ciega Bay, was a bit short of elegant between 2005-2010.

Now, the view during early morning is unobstructed...and shows how active the harbor can be once the sun comes up.

The quiet sunrise passes quickly, and boats head out into the Gulf for a day of fishing.

Florida's Gulf Coast is beautiful, laid back, and relaxing. This is the perfect place to retire, in my opinion. There is nothing like witnessing the sunrise at John's Pass on a cool Fall morning to make you feel completely centered.

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