Simple sea shell cleaning tip to get your Florida beach vacation treasures home

Here is a simple sea shell cleaning tip you can use on your next Florida beach vacation. Keep odors away for your return home with this easy tip to clean the sea shells you've found.

Let me qualify this by saying I got it from a friend...who got it from her friend that was staying at the Bilmar Beach Resort Hotel on Treasure Island.

After finding several nice shells, this lady knew she would have trouble rounding up some of the items needed to clean them correctly so she just cleaned them enough to take on her return flight home without offending the other passengers.

I had never heard of this sea shell cleaning tip before, but it is real easy. Everything you need can be found at the hotel.

Simple tip to clean sea shells

* First, she asked the Grounds/Maintenance crew if she could spray off her shells with the hotel hose.
* Next, she got a couple of extra plastic bags from the Housekeeping crew.
* She put her cleaned shells in her room sink, filled it with water, and dumped the contents from the complimentary mouthwash in it and let it soak overnight.
* She rinsed them again, then stored the shells in one of the plastic bags.
* Our visitor repeated the process with the mouthwash the night before she flew home.

Like I said, I have never heard of this resourceful cleaning tip before, but my friend claimed it actually worked. It will be a judgement call on your part to try it. The Florida beaches have some beautiful natural treasures that make nice mementoes of a trip. Getting them home, however, can be another story.

If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know when you open that little plastic bag back at your place and get a strong waft of the Gulf. Good luck.

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