North Straub Park - Downtown St Pete

north straub park in downtown st petersburg fl is beautiful and relaxing

North Straub is quiet, relaxing, and beautiful

North Straub Park is a low-key, relaxing, city park in downtown St Petersburg FL. With a large grassy area, shaded benches, and a curving walkway across from the yacht basin, North Straub is beautiful.

4th Avenue NE deadends right into the park at Beach Drive NE on the park's west side.

North Straub is bordered on the east side by Bay Shore Drive NE and Tampa Bay.

5th Avenue NE (which separates the park from the iconic Vinoy Renaissance Resort) forms a border on the north, while the St Petersburg Fine Arts Museum makes a natural boundary to the south. (Which separates it from South Straub Park.)

North Straub is part of the world famous St Petersburg Waterfront Parks System that was planned by the city fathers over 100 years ago.

Although it has a large, grassy area where children can play tag, frisbee, or whiffleball, there is no dedicated playground for youngsters. North Straub Park is mostly frequented by older visitors who wish to read the paper, or watch the boats anchor in the North Yacht Basin on the east side.

In the cooler months from October through April you can also see local artists with canvases, as well as visitors enjoying early morning yoga stretches.

North Straub Park brings back an "Old Florida" feel.

A Pictorial Trip Through North Straub Park

north straub park provides a great view into the north yacht basin

You are teased with a view of the North Yacht Basin from Beach Drive NE on the west side of the park. Make sure you bring quarters for the parking meters. Enforcement is strict.

north straub park provides a nice grassy area for playing catch with a ball or frisbee

The park includes a lush grassy area that is perfectly maintained. Although I have seen children here, parents usually take them to one of the other parks along the way that have playgrounds.

north straub park provides a nice performance area with a large concrete slab for bands and movies

The northern border is characterized by a large performance area where bands play and movies are shown during the cooler months.

north straub park is right across from the vinoy resorth on the north end

The Vinoy Renaissance Resort is across 5th Avenue NE at that end.

north straub park is bordered by the st petersburg museum of fine arts on the south end

The south border of the park ends at the St Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

north straub park has many curious statues

The park has many curious statues on all sides of the grassy area.

north straub park is a quiet palce to visit with a friend

North Straub is a quiet place to catch up with old fiends on one of the many benches.

north straub park is a quiet place to take walks or just sit and read the newspaper

The park has a shaded walkway so you can take quiet strolls through this beautiful area.

north straub park has a city directory on the west side

There is a city directory on the west side (Beach Drive NE) of the park. It has an easy-to-read map of downtown St Pete and fliers announcing various forms of entertainment connected with the St Petersburg Waterfront Park system.

north straub park is right across from the historic grayl's hotel on beach drive ne

If you did not bring a picnic lunch, the historic Grayl's Hotel is right across Beach Drive. It features shaded outdoor seating for Gatsby's Restaurant where you can have a nice view and cool breeze off Tampa Bay.

If you are visiting downtown St Petersburg FL, make sure you take time to relax in beautiful North Straub Park.

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