Lunch At Caddy's - Treasure Island, FL

lunch at caddy's on sunset beach

We had a quiet lunch at Caddy's on Sunset Beach.

We had lunch at Caddy's Beach Bar down at Sunset Beach on Treasure Island. It was a cool, sunny, and quiet Florida beach day. The breeze off the Gulf was just a whipser and the clean, salt air was clear for miles into the horizon. It is days like this that I feel blessed to be retired here in Paradise.

It really doesn't get much better. We parked my old Jeep in the free lot (about the last one in Pinellas County) at 103rd Avenue, just off Gulf Blvd. Coming across John's Pass Bridge, from Madeira Beach, we felt like we were on top of the world. Springtime here in Paradise gives you days you want to savor forever.

These lazy spring days are what you dream about in retirement. We had already run on the beach at sunrise, took a little snooze after breakfast, and had done some shopping at our favorite beach furniture store, Bay Pines Furniture (9897 Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island, FL 33706 -- 727-360-4841) and were ready to relax with some live music and a giant salad. Lunch at Caddy's was at the top of our list.

We love breakfast at this place because it is so peaceful at low tide. Lunch has a little more activity, but we always grab a window table so we get the best of both the beach area, and the entertainment.

Even though there was a good crowd, and the start of Spring Break, it was still quiet. We truly enjoy this time to talk and reflect on how thankful we are to live in such a beautiful area.

Just so you know, Caddy's undergoes a personality change as it gets closer to sundown. During Spring Break, this little beach bar is like a magnet to college kids and young adults. The same thing happens on weekends. We enjoy the high-energy during those times...but we usually only make one or two evening visits during Spring Break.

Lunch at Caddy's - In Pictures

lunch at caddy's beach bar

You can easily see that the beach in back of Caddy's was filling up pretty well.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

However, inside, it was peaceful and relaxed.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

We had a great view from our window seat.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

Musician, Tony D, provided the entertainment. He has a great voice and sings everything from contemporary to country. We really enjoyed this guy.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

The waitresses are cute, friendly, and work very hard. They deserve good tips.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

We split the garden salad with grilled chicken. It was excellent and filled us up.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

Although Caddy's is a Spring Break magnet, the management does not put up with any nonsense.

lunch at caddy's beach bar

After we finished, we strolled back up the beach to where we left the Jeep...about a mile north. It was a beautiful afternoon to walk along the shoreline.

The Florida beach has a lot to offer when it comes to beauty, fun, and relaxation. Having lunch at Caddy's only adds to the experience.

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