The Best Belly Fat Diet

the best belly fat diet is a commitment to optimal nutrition and regular consistent exercise

The best diet for male belly fat is a commitment to optimal nutrition

The best belly fat diet is actually not a diet at all. Guys who want to burn belly fat and lose love handles must commit to a comprehensive lifestyle change, not a special diet for men.

The Florida beach has a physical culture all of its own, and one of the governing premises is...male belly fat is a turn-off to chicks.

Although it is not even close to reality, women equate soft, fleshy men with a lack of ambition and self-discipline.

Since we are never going to change that perception, the best thing to do is to utilize it as a strategy for positive change.

Male belly fat is unhealthy. It has been linked directly to Type II diabetes, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, and insulin resistance. So who needs it?

Guys want a secret belly fat diet that will get rid of their beer gut and love handles...but NONE exists.

The best diet to lose belly fat is actually a solid commitment to optimal nutrition and regular, consistent exercise.

Your diet to lose belly fat begins with a commitment to yourself

a belly fat diet begins with a commitment to a more positive lifestyle

Most guys do NOT want to hear that since it took time to put on fat and love handles, it will take some time...and get rid of them.

For some reason, men seem to think they can purchase a secret supplement or increase their workouts a bit more and the fat will magically burn off. That's NOT reality. Male fat loss and muscle building just doesn't work that way...although there are plenty of sites on the Internet that will make those promises.

* You must commit to a quality nutritional program. You need to stay away from sugar foods and processed foods as much as possible.

* You must commit to learning what foods promote muscle growth and what foods promote fat storage.

* You must commit to learning your baseline caloric needs, and begin establishing a weekly calorie-deficit. (Meaning you will burn more calories than you take in.)

* You must commit to knowing what foods, situations, and behaviors SABOTAGE your belly fat diet. (Weekly feasts of hot wings with your buddies at the local beach bar should rank right up there.)

* You must commit to following a proven program of regular exercise that focuses on weight training, strength building, and total body workouts.

* You must commit DAILY continuous movement of 30-40 minutes. Get away from mindless jogging. Here on the Florida shores, beach interval workouts are a way of life.

Mike Geary has a proven program to burn male belly fat

there is no secret belly fat diet in the truth about six pack abs just solid nutrition and strength training Mike is the author of the best-selling eBook, The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

His proven program is NOT a secret belly fat diet or commando workout. It focuses on intelligent nutrition, strength building with weights, and interval training.

* A solid diet for men is one that promotes fat loss while supplying fuel to build lean muscle mass.

* There are NO expensive (and worthless) supplements to purchase. There are NO phony workout gadgets to buy.

* Mike's program focuses strength building for the total body, but he also provides specific ab exercises that are far from traditional.

* He tells you right from the start that there is NO such thing as "spot reduction" (losing fat from one specific area), nor can you expect mind-blowing results in three weeks.

* Mike will be the first to tell you, "You cannot burn belly fat just by working out or running. You must commit to optimal nutrition."

* Mike's book comes in digital form so you can immediately download it to your desktop. He also provides a 60-day, 100% refund.

The Truth About Six Pack Abs deals in reality.

If you are planning a vacation to the Florida beaches and want to look tight, muscular, and defined when you take off your shirt around women. Mike's program can help get you there.

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