Using Beach Sprint Intervals To Burn Belly Fat

Beach sprint intervals are the newest workout we are using to burn belly fat. Sprint intervals on the Florida beaches have the potential to build lean muscle tissue and elevate growth hormone levels.

Our beach interval workouts in the past have normally been the alternating of a strength-building exercise with running. Our sprint intervals are much different.

beach sprint intervals burn belly fat quickly

* These are brief, intense workouts that only total less than 30 minutes.

* We run a slow 1-mile warm-up along the shoreline, do the day's sprint workout, then run another slow 800m warm-down and stretch.

* One of the workouts we did was called "Sprint 10's." After our warm-up, we ran 10 sprints of (15 seconds each - about 80m-90m on sand) with 45 second rest between the first five, and a 1-minute rest between the last five.

* This was hard, and we were not going real fast the final two. But the effort was intense.

* Last week, we ran "Fast 50's" where we marked off 50 meters, and ran 8 sprints with a 1-minute rest in between.

* Sprint intervals will definitely increase your metabolism naturally, and help accelerate the loss of belly fat, and increase muscular definition.

* We have, also, made a commitment to eat as proposed in The Primal Blueprint

* In our reading, we've found references to increased Human Growth Hormone to help with anti-aging...but I want to see more solid evidence on this. (It feels like it, though!)

You can make your intervals pretty much what you want, however, you have to remember it is extremely difficult to sprint full-bore longer than about 10-15 seconds...and you need time to recover. (Also...I wear shoes, but you can run how you want.)

Sprint intervals are outstanding for burning belly fat and building lean muscle tissue, but if your distances are exhaustingly long, or if your rest interval is too will NOT get the benefit you desire.

Please keep in mind, results from beach interval sprints are NOT immediate. You want to check your body fat percentage at 12-week and 24-week markers.

beach sprint intervals work much better with a proven diet

Eat right to accelerate results from beach sprint intervals

beach sprint intervals cannot be done without a solid running foundation

Jeff Galloway will get you started running right

Learn more about Beach Exercise

Running on the beach needs to be safe and sensible

We eat breakfast at Caddy's after many beach workouts

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