What do women want in a man physically?

What do women want when it comes to viewing a man physically? Believe it or not, they actually want a guy who looks trim and athletic instead of hugely muscled.

Guys who have worked hard to build solid muscle, have watched their diet to get ripped and burn belly fat, do a lot better with the ladies than men who are built like a small dump truck.

Since the 1940's, when Charles Atlas guaranteed on the back of comic books to turn young men from "97-pound weaklings" into a force who would never again get sand kicked in his face at the beach, guys have held to the belief that "bigger is better" when it comes to looking good to women.

Guys have spent tons of money on supplements, tons of hours in the gym, and have even given-in to the lure of steroids in order to make themselves massive with muscle to get attention from women at the beach.

If you get a group of guys together on a Florida beach, after all the discussions about the best bars, the best trucks, and the best women to meet...conversation will inevitably turn to workouts...and what exactly women want physically in a man.

Really...what do women want physically in a man?

In poll after poll...on shows like Oprah and in magazines like Cosmo women continually come back to these physical attributes:

* They want a man to look athletic, like a swimmer or sprinter...not a Bulgarian powerlifter.
* They want a man with well-developed shoulders and a flat stomach.
* A man does not have to have chiseled abs, but women are turned-off by love handles and belly fat.
* Women like men whose upper body and lower body are proportional.
* They do not care for the "big guns" - "spider legs" look at all.
* Women want a man to look like he gives off energy and is not fat.

Does that give you a better idea? It has been shown that guys estimate their ideal weight (in muscle) 30 pounds more than women find attractive. Say what???

How do you become the answer for: What do women want?

vince del monte beach body Fortunately, Vince Del Monte has designed a program to help guys get ripped and achieve the level of musculature women find desirable.

As you can see, Vince looks pretty much like a normal guy, certainly more muscular but by no means pumped up on gallons of steroid injections.

His No Nonsense Muscle Building Program has been designed for regular guys like us on the beach who want to increase size, increase our strength, and get cut...without forking over a bunch of bucks for phony supplements or a program only a guy on The Juice could complete.

Nicknamed "Skinny Vinny" because of his poor genetics and inability to gain muscle, Vince competed both as a distance runner in college and a triathlete on the Canadian National Team.

It was after his graduation from the University of Western Ontario that he began his quest to develop more muscle and train intelligently.

It didn't work exactly how he planned, but with each huge mistake he learned a little more about what it took to develop a physique that women desired...and answer the question "What do women want physically in a man?".

Checkout Vince's comprehensive muscle building program and see for yourself how to become more attractive to women on the Florida beaches.

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