Weight Gain During Coronavirus

Weight gain during the Coronavirus is real and it is dangerous.

Weight gain during the Coronavirus has frustrated thousands of women. Financial, social, and medical uncertainty have contributed to Coronavirus weight gain.

Here on the Florida beaches, it's taken an extra toll due to the carelessness of young travelers who carry the infection and have been very cavalier about taking mask wearing and social distancing seriously.

Add in the fact that many gyms have opened, then re-closed, and anxiety has increased.

Stress eating is alive and well during the Coronavirus crisis. The phrases "the Coronavirus 15" and "the pandemic 15" were newly coined, and they are both scary and accurate.

Scary because rapid weight gain and retention of that fat leads to harmful life problems like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney issues, liver dysfunction, poor skin, and brain function degradation.

Accurate because the social isolation has led to increased fat gain due to women eating too many high-carb, bad-fat items, as well as consuming too much alcohol.

Betty Edwards (42) a nurse from Madeira Beach FL said, "When this hit back in March 2020, I was a bundle of nerves. I had no choice bet to come into work. It was either that, or go without a paycheck. 

I would work three 12-hour shifts in a row. Then get a couple of days off.

I couldn't fall asleep, so I started drinking wine before going to bed, just to help me shut off the scary thoughts I had about placing myself in harms way.

On my off days, I would binge watch NetFlicks, and mindlessly eat things that tasted good and brought me some pleasure. 

I found myself stopping at the donut shop on the way home from the hospital. I was eating sweet rolls, huge cinnamon rolls, exotic donuts, and cream-fill eclairs.

By May, I had ballooned-up 18 pounds. None of my clothes fit. I had to buy new scrubs. My face even got fat.

Since my gym had shutdown, I took no initiative to maintain my fitness lifestyle.

Finally, one day when I was getting out of the shower, I saw how flabby I had actually become. It was horrible.

I had fat rolls, low energy, was sleep-deprived, scared about my job, and flat out depressed.

Fortunately, a good nurse friend called me and said she was going through the same exact thing. She said she was starting a fat-loss program called The Cinderella Solution, and asked if I wanted to do it with her.

I told her I desperately needed something, and said I would purchase it also, and we would hold each other accountable.

Her phone call was game-changing. The Cinderella Solution was a lifeline to getting my life back.

By August, I had dropped 15 of the 18 pounds I had gained. My face was thinner, and much more defined.

I had given up eating trash foods, replacing them with nutritious natural foods, and I had tones more energy. 

I started drinking a highly nutritious brand of coffee.

I was still scared at the hospital, but now I could manage those fears without self-medicating with high-carb crap foods.

The Cinderella Solution is not a diet, its a lifestyle.

Weight gain during the Coronavirus is real, and it is dangerous, but it doesn't have to define your future."

Weight Gain During The Coronavirus

Weight gain during the Coronavirus can have serious consequences on your future health.

Concern about weight gain during the Coronavirus has increased tremendously. There has been an overload of  anxiety about the fate of the individual, the economy, and the nation as a whole.

If the obesity rate keeps climbing, it will put even more pressure on both medical facilities, and personal medical bills.

The need for a fact-based weight loss program has never been more prominent. 

Thankfully, close to 20,000 women have discovered the Cinderella Solution, and have gotten the results they desired.

Gina Abramson (46) a teacher who goes to my church in St Petersburg FL said, "This pandemic has done a number on our psyche, our souls, and our bodies.

When we first were told to shutter-in-place, I thought this would be a great time to try new bread recipes. The trouble was, I started baking bread several times each week, then eating it while I watch lengthy re-runs of Blue Bloods on TV.

By May, I had gained close to 20 pounds. It was horrible. Nothing fit, I looked completely different, I had poor energy, and I was starting to feel depressed.

Fortunately, I found a great weight loss plan and followed it to a T! The Cinderella Solution was a godsend for me.

I stopped baking bread, and started to eat almost all natural foods. Mostly salads, with olive oil or avocado oil. No high-carb, high-calorie dressings.

I also did 3 other things that helped me both physically and mentally. I began my day with the most nutritious coffee I could find.

I started taking walks every morning at 6:00am on the deserted beach, and I started drinking a lot more water during the day.

My weight gain during the Coronavirus was a wake-up call for me to focus on my physical health and my mental health.

In just three months, I've lost almost all of that belly and butt fat. I'm back down to a size 6, from a size 12 and I feel 100% better. I look 100% better.

The Cinderella Solution is not a diet plan. It's a lifestyle plan that I will stick to for the rest of my life."

Weight Gain During The Coronavirus
Does Not Have To Be Permanent

You can beat weight gain during the Coronavirus.

Women are fed up with unhealthy weight gain. They are also fed up with so-called, "Secret Diets".

Diets just do not work. They are far too restrictive and they do not address cravings that occur during times of stress.

Who can argue that the Coronavirus has elevated everyone's stress level? Weight gain during the Coronavirus is just one more of it's stealthily damaging effects.

Women here on the Florida beaches want an eating plan, not a diet. They want a lifelong blueprint for making good food choices, eating tasty meals, and getting quality exercise, and keeping fat off.

Keep the word diet out of your vocabulary. 

Dawn Sampleton (42), lives in Dunedin FL, and has her own online home business. She said, "This weight gain during the Coronavirus really made me take notice of my eating habits during stress.

My daughter is studying to be a doctor, and it's been scaring me to death. My friends are getting laid off of work, and are using their savings to deal with this Coronavirus pandemic.

I run my business from my kitchen, on my laptop, but I have seen my sales declining also. My gym closed, and it's been too hot and humid to run once the sun comes up.

I've felt so discouraged that I have been waking up at 8:00am, instead of my normal 5:30am. I also started to mindlessly snack on stuff like bagels or yogurt with added sugar.

In the space of 10 weeks, I put on almost 20 pounds. It was horrible. My face was bloated. My neck looked thick, and my butt felt like Jell-o.

The first thing I did was start supplementing with Resurge. That got me going, but I knew I needed to make a significant change in my mindset toward eating, as well as get rid of the bad eating habits I'd picked up to gain weight during this Coronavirus.

I discovered the Cinderella Solution, and immediately purchased it. I read where 1,000 women each month were enrolling in the program, so I figured it must be helpful.

It certainly couldn't hurt.

I also started walking for 45 minutes each day, started drinking an extra quart of water each day, and stopped drinking wine with dinner.

The combination of those interventions have been dynamite. I'm on a quality eating plan that will be easy to maintain for life. I've benefitted so much from my 6:00am walks. And the extra hydration has not only helped my physical health and my skin, but it's also helped me concentrate and think up new ideas.

I am now drinking a half-gallon more of water than I was in February 2020. It's just been a natural increase. I find that I look forward to an iced glass of water after pounding away at my laptop for an hour.

My weight gain during this Coronavirus has been snapped. I am back down to 125 lbs. Three months ago, I was pushing 150 lbs. 

Never again. Between my supplementation with Resurge, following the Cinderella Solution, and being active with walking each morning, I've created a lifestyle that will sustain me in good health the rest of my days."

**Remember, before you start any new exercise or nutrition program, make an appointment with your primary care physician and tell them exactly what you plan to do.**

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