A wedding diet to lose belly fat can cause you harm and ruin your Florida beach wedding

If you are searching for a wedding diet to lose belly fat for your Florida beach wedding...STOP!

You need a sensible nutrition plan instead.

It is understandable that you want to look your best for your marriage on one of the beautiful Florida beaches, but that doesn't mean you need to go on a harsh diet.

A sensible approach to losing body fat, while maintaining your lean muscle will make you look trim, toned, and healthy in your wedding sundress.

I know you want to look beautiful at your beach wedding...and you can do this with some quality planning.

**If your ceremony is only weeks away, I want to be truthful with you...the program we promote will NOT work. (Neither will any other one.)

However, if your Florida beach wedding is 6-12 months away, and you are looking to lose body fat, this may be the program for you.

There is no need for a severe wedding diet, commando-intense workouts, or dangerous pills to help you reach your goals.

Think nutritional plan and workout program, NOT "wedding diet"

beach wedding diet If you are thinking about a Florida beach wedding, you know it will take some planning on your part to make it memorable, but inexpensive.

The nice thing about beach weddings is that they are casual, the outfits can be purchased cheaply, you can serve fruits, vegetables, and small pieces of chicken breasts and scampi to maintain a tropical theme, and you can rent a place like Sunset Beach Pavilion on Treasure Island.

I am going on the assumption that you are the type of woman who looks at things far in advance and is willing to do some work to reach your goals.

The same thought and attention to detail will be needed for you to lose the body fat you desire.

I will not lie to you. Learning to eat better and being consistent with your workouts take a serious approach.

You will be getting rid of foods that are both familiar and too easy to ingest, plus drinking more water and increasing your physical activity.

Although working out does not have to be brutal, you will have to get used to times when you will be a little out of breath...a bit sweaty...and a little red in the face.

Before you start ANY program, make sure you get a check-up from your doctor.

A sensible approach to fat loss

wedding diet program to lose belly fat

By far, the best program we have ever found to help you lose belly fat and lose thigh fat while you increase lean muscle is Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle by natural body builder, Tom Venuto.

It is natural for women to get turned-off when they hear the term "body builder." With all of the media attention to steroid abuse in professional sports, the posturing by young males you knew in school, and the unsightly appearance of female body builders, it is no wonder.

I don't blame you one bit.

You came here looking for a wedding diet that would help you lose weight and body fat to look nice at your ceremony, trust me, Tom Venuto can deliver for you.

His eBook is possibly the best-selling fitness download on the Internet. Not only is it inexpensive, it is written for normal people like us who have no intent to enter a fitness competition.

Tom effectively turns your idea of a wedding diet into a lifelong nutritional and fitness plan.

Actually, Tom's best area of expertise is in the area of self-motivation and helping customers understand the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

It is emotional hunger that has gotten so many women off track with their nutritional planning.

His book is not about rapid fat loss or startvation-type diets that destroy your metabolism.

He advocates slow and steady progress and strategies to control your appetite. There are no dogmatic exercise perscriptions, no rigid food lists, and no strict carbohydrate counts.

Tom writes in a manner that appeals to women. He knows that diets which force you to eat foods that you dislike are the first to fail. A fat-loss meal plan does not have to be bland, nor does it need you to take a bunch of pills, drinks, or special supplements.

Tom's program is built on calorie control and moderation. If a food contains lots of nutrients and relatively few calories, you can eat it. You can even choose how many carbs you want to eat instead of being restricted.

There are thousands of "wedding diet" plans on the Internet and in bookstores. Tom's program easily outclasses them.

I wish you a beautiful Florida beach wedding and lifetime happiness in your coming marriage.

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