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Van Living puts you in touch with nature, good health, and life.

The appeal of van living is at the heart of the Vanabode lifestyle. Cheap travel, adventure, beautiful new places, and a stress free life are all benefits of living in a van.

The Vanabode life holds a wealth of surprises and ursurpased experiences when it comes to visiting new places and meeting new people.

Have you ever wanted to have the freedom to just point your vehicle is a new direction...and head out to find what is out there?

Are you fed up with living a cramped existence, and feel like you are a slave to your mortgage payment...and a boat load of monthly bills?

When you do get time off from work for a vacation, do you feel like a lot of it is spent in airports, hotel lobbies, and rushing from one destination to another?

The Vanabode lifestyle was pretty much brought to mainstream attention when Jason Odom created a downloadable eBook ...Vanabode - Traveling and Living Forever On $20 A Day.

It became an underground runaway best-seller simply by word-of-mouth.

My best friend from college, Sherm Davey, actually sold his home and belongings, and has spent the past three years traveling all across America.

Sherm knows about van living.

"Van living has been the best thing that ever happened to me," said Sherm.

"I find someplace beautiful and I can stay for weeks. I sleep in a perfect bed, I get a shower everyday, I eat delicious and incredibly healthy food, my fitness level has increased, I am out of debt...and I go at whatever pace I set."

"A lot of the places I go, especially National Parks in the high elevations, are only open for several months out of year. I'm able to go when I want to...when I can experience the beauty and richness of Nature...not when my boss tells me I can go."

"Vanabode living, is all about being in touch with freedom each and every day. You have the freedom to make choices based on fun and adventure, not time constraints. You have freedom from debt, and you have the freedom to choose if you want to work as you go."

"Listen," Sherm said,"I've seen more beautiful places than a romantic poet could ever dream about. I have seen whales, seals, bull elk fights, eagles feeding their babies, remote corners of our Nation Parks and National Forests system, top level art galleries, and the best museums in each state I visit."

"None of this would have been possible if I was not living in a van. Truthfully, Jason's book was a life-changer for me, just like it has been for a lot of other people."

Checkout some of the beautiful van conversions that people live in on the road.

Van Living - In Pictures

Airport delays are a nighmare when you only have a few days of vacation time.

When you are tied to home and job, airport delays take away your freedom, increase your stress, and bring life to a standstill.

Vanabode travel is van living at its best.

Vanabode travel gives choices, adventure, and freedom.

Sherm said, "One summer, I was out on the Oregon Coast, and for some reason, I got the urge to see Cimarron, New Mexico. It had been a place I heard about on old TV westerns, or read about in cowboy paperbacks.

It was a 1600-mile drive, but big deal. I save over $2500/month in home expenses, plus I have a little Internet business that nets me another grand, so I could easily afford a whim, like this.

Before I started van living, each day on the road would cost me over $175 dollars for gas, motel, and food. Now, I can do it for a fourth (1/4) of that. Unbelievable."


A room with a view is going to cost you.

Making reservations at a nice hotel and asking for a room with a view can set you back as much as $120 bucks a night...if not more.

Says Sherm, "I like to take a break from sleeping in my van every few weeks. The coolest thing I do is rent an AirBnB place. It costs about half (1/2) to stay in an entire condo or casita for a couple of weeks."

A beautiful view of Grand Teton National Park.

How much richer is the experience when you can greet the morning in a beautiful setting like Grand Teton National Park, just by climbing out of bed in your van?


Resorts make getting close to Nature a pricey experience.

Hotels and resorts go to great lengths to help you be in touch with Nature. It is a pricey experience, at best.

A secluded picnic table over-looking Boca Ciega Bay in St Pete FL.

Compare that to a quiet morning at a secluded picnic table overlooking a calm bay. And the price is right...


High-carb breakfast rolls increase your belly and your stress.

The breakfast selection at a nice hotel is guaranteed to make you feel lethargic and fat.

A Paleo-style breakfast sets you up for the rest of the day.

Van living allows you to start your day with natural foods that build lean muscle.


Resort workouts do not have much to do with fitness.

The exercise class at a resort leaves a lot to be desired.

Van living gives you time to exercise consistently.

The Vanabode lifestyle allows you the freedom to become as healthy, lean, and muscular as you wish. Nothing beats working out in the beautiful outdoors.


Hiking with a bunch or unorganized tourists is not part of the Vanabode lifestyle.

A hike out in the "wilds" near the resort is often a scheduled activity to help guests get in touch with Nature.

Vanabode travel allows you to experience the American heritage.

Vanabode camping puts you right in the middle historical experiences, like this ghost town near Bodie, CA.


Resort foods are bloated with high-carbs.

The dinner buffet at a nice hotel is full of high-carb foods that may taste delicious, but their only function is to increase fat storage on your waist, and increase your chances of contracting Type II diabetes..

Some trade-off...

Van Living At Its Best!

Eating a Paleo diet is essential when living in a van.

The Vanabode life gives you the opportunity each and every day to choose healthy natural foods and meat. A Paleo-style diet is the best way to burn belly fat and become more lean.


Getting together every night for drinks and more fried food at the hotel bar sabotages your health and your functioning for the next day.

The Vanabode life allows you to end the day with reflection, thankfulness, and very low stress.

"The peacefulness you find with van living cannot be equaled at any resort," says Sherm.

Discover the adventure of living in a van.

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