Penny Stock Egghead

the penny stock egghead gets results

Penny Stock Egghead, Nathan Gold, has created an underground best-seller that makes money

Penny Stock Egghead is the explosive, best-selling investment service from mathematics prodigy, Nathan Gold. His subscription service is setting weekly sales records for one simple reason...It makes money.

To date, it has been savvy, experienced investors who are purchasing Nathan's program, but acclaim in Penny Stock Egghead reviews have brought so much attention to its value that newcomers are boosting orders each week.

It has become a best-seller because guys make money from a simple, and sensible system. This is exactly the kind of financial guidance we look for to increase our earnings here on the Florida beach.

The guys in my group want detailed analysis, recommendations made on fundamental strengths, information we can easily process, and the least risk possible. Nathan Gold delivers on all criteria.

Penny Stock Egghead - Does it work?

All of us had our IRA's and 401K Plans whacked when the economy started to tank late in 2007. Most of us lost more than 50% in our accounts. The talking heads on all the financial channels had no clue about what was happening, and their supposed expertise got outed as just being idiotic guesses. Individual investors fled from the market.

Nathan Gold, however, hunkered down and started crunching numbers on small, under-the-radar companies on the NASDAQ. The big guns (Investment banks, pricey brokerages, CNN, etc) could care less about this index, but Nathan saw opportunity.

Starting with the premise (and accurate observation) that the majority of penny stocks were garbage, Nathan created an algorithmic program to cull only the small percentage that would generate a legitimate return on investment.

Finding this ignored 2% did one thing...It sent Nathan and his friends bucks-up. They were clearing $1,000 of dollars while the rest of the country was trying to plug the leakage.

From there on, it was just Rinse and Repeat: Out the 98% losers...invest ONLY in penny stocks that passed his rigid criteria. Emotion was left out. Nathan trusted the numbers...and followed the money.

The Penny Stock Egghead subscription service was born.

Penny Stock Egghead - Conclusions

penny stock egghead nathan gold will help you profit

* The Penny Stock Egghead gets results because it uses a very narrow focus and winnows out garbage stocks.

* You get solid information that is easy to process. Investment decisions are significantly easier without convoluted formulas or reams of financial statement hodge-podge.

* Nathan's penny stock subscription service provides you ONE pick per week, not ten or twelve that consume all of your time in evaluating.

* He charges a ONE-TIME fee of only $97. There are NO phony recurring fees...and it is easily $200 less than most other penny stock services.

* There is a 100%, 60-Day, no questions asked, refund policy. (This is what sold me.)

* This gives you plenty of time to "paper trade" and try out the system.

* Small-cap stocks have historically outperformed the market since 1970. Nathan's subscription service exploits the lack of analysis on stocks selling under $5 per share.

Penny Stock Egghead will definitely make us money, this year.

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