"I Want To Lose My Love Handles!"

You can lose your love handles by following a disciplined program of clean eating, lifting weights, and sprinting.

Every week, guys ask, "How do I lose my love handles?" The answer is simple, but requires dedication. To lose belly fat and love handles you must be focused. 

I can explain what you need to do in just one sentence. You will not even have to read the rest of this article. 

To lose your love handles, you must begin a Ketogenic diet, lift weights intelligently, and sprint.

There it is. A very simple strategy that is focused on positive lifestyle changes. There are no shortcuts. It will take self-discipline, quality effort, and some time.

You must also change your mindset. We'll discuss that in a few minutes.

We understand you want to lose belly fat and your love handles as quickly as possible. We get that...but that's not how Life works.

To make something work, whether it is increasing your net worth, finding the right woman to share your life with, or transforming your body...it all takes some time.

Think of how many years it took you to get to this situation. My guess is it has been a couple of decades of poor eating habits, and unproductive workouts.

Today, you woke up, and it popped into your head, "I want to lose my love handles." And, now you are taking action.

What Is The Best Nutrition Program To Lose My Love Handles?

The Custom Keto Diet is the best nutrition program to lose love handles.

Fat loss starts in the kitchen, NOT the fitness club.

We have a saying at my CrossFit gym that sums things up nicely, "You cannot outrun your fork." Meaning, no matter how hard you workout and run, you can never overcome the consequences of a bad diet.

Eating Keto...eating a Ketogenic diet is actually not a diet at all. It is a lifestyle. Olympic athletes and professional athletes follow this eating plan, filled with nutritious, natural foods.

Elite athletes stay completely away from sugar foods, high-carb processed foods, dangerous industrial seed oils, and fast food items. They will NOT put stuff in their bodies that will sabotage their career, their paycheck, and all of the sacrifice for their sport.

Here is the mindset I want you to have as you move towards creating a leaner, and more muscular body: "I will eat and workout like an Olympic athlete."

Olympic athletes are coached at the highest levels of nutrition and research-based workouts. 

They are NOT put on idiotic crash diets. They do NOT train to exhaustion day-in and day-out. They do NOT run a huge amount of purposeless, mind-numbing miles before sunrise.

Let's look at a simple plan for your own positive experience in creating a lean, muscular physique.

Remember: This will take some time. You will notice some changes in 90-100 days. You will see more significant changes in 6-9 months. Trust the process. Stay with the mindset: "I will eat and workout like an Olympic athlete."

Jason Edwards (43), who runs his own YouTube home business on Redington Beach FL, said, "During my late 20's and all through my 30's I didn't pay attention to how I ate. I figured since I lifted weights at Gold's Gym, jogged a few miles on the beach, and played basketball every Saturday morning, I was fine.

Nothing could have been more off-center.

When I hit 40, I got my first yearly physical, with a complete blood panel. I about fell over when my doctor told me my A1C was 6.4%.  

He said I was at the threshold of Type 2 diabetes, and to prepare for a life that included foot amputation, kidney dialysis, blindness, and a possible stroke

I was paralyzed in his office. I couldn't speak. I could barely think. I remembered thinking I needed to lose my love handles, several months before, but I was in complete denial of how flabby I had really gotten. 

He said my one shot was to start eating like an athlete, instead of a clown from the circus. He gave me an article on Ketogenic eating and told me to research online for a program to follow.

He also prescribed blood sugar medication for me, and said my next step would be taking insulin, which scared even him.

I had no idea how I drove home. My mind was fried with the situation where I had put myself. I was numb.

When I got home, I became frantic. I got two big garbage bags and started throwing all the food that came in boxes and bags out of my cabinets. I got rid of all my so-called energy drinks. I got rid of all my so-called protein bars (that each had 20g of sugar in them.)

I started following a well-planned Keto diet that I purchased online. It was money well-spent because it was going to save my life.

In three months I lost 20 pounds, but I still had 30 lbs to go. My A1C was down to 5.8, right at the edge of Pre-diabetes. 

My doctor had me add walking to my daily routine.

In another 3 months, I was down another 15 lbs, and he had me add in some weight lifting. 

I decided to start walking on the beach for 45 minutes in BOTH the morning and the evening, in addition to about 30 minutes of weight lifting.

At the 9-month mark, I was down another 23 pounds. I had surpassed where my doctor wanted me, and I actually started looking way more athletic.

The Keto diet, which is extremely low-carb, was the key to lose belly fat, lose my love handles, become far more healthy...and save my life."

What Kind Of Exercise Will Help Me Lose My Love Handles?

Weight training is a must for guys who ask, "What exercise will help me lose my love handles?"

By far, the best exercise to burn calories, torch off flab, and create lean muscle mass, is weight training. (Also called resistance training or strength training since you can use kettlebells, sand bags, and medicine balls if you do not have weights available.)

And here's the thing...you do NOT have to lift superhuman weights for this kind of exercise to start making a difference in your body.

Start light. Learn proper technique. Focus on being consistent with your weight training. You will naturally increase as you get stronger.

Remember, YOU are training to help you lose belly fat and love handles, you are NOT training for a strongman contest. You will be training with only about a minute rest in-between your sets.

We want you in front of the weights. Moving at a good pace through your reps and sets. Then get out. If you are in the gym longer than 45 minutes, you are not doing things right.

Keep your phone in your locker! No distractions. Remember, you are now training like an Olympic athlete, you do not have the luxury of fooling around on your phone while exercising.

If you cannot get to a gym because you feel embarrassed, or the pandemic is continuing, or you live in an isolated area...you can do calisthenics.

They will make you work hard, they just won't make you as strong as lifting weights will.

You can, also, purchase equipment online. You can make a great workout with your own bumper plates, Olympic bar, pull-up bar, kettlebells, and dip bars. A lot of guys start in their garage before deciding on a gym membership.

Outside of finding a place to lift, the only other thing you need is some intelligent guidance.

YouTube videos can be hit or miss. There are all kinds of people with workout videos. A lot of guys are legit, while there are hundreds more that are complete idiots.

The best guide we have found is a Kindle book called Easy Strength, by Dan John. This guy is a legit coach who was a former Div 1 college discus thrower, competed in Olympic lifting, and is now a consultant of the U.S. A. Olympic Team, military Special Operations, and various police departments.

He also has an informative YouTube channel called Dan John University where he discusses injury-free strength training.

Ron Herbert (37) is a cryptocurrency investor who lives on Clearwater Beach. He lost 50 lbs, two years ago, and has kept it off through following a Ketogenic diet, lifting weights in his garage, walking, and some beach sprints.

He said, "I was flabby and gross-looking. I had a pot belly. I needed to lose my love handles that were hanging in the pockets of my pants.

I got rid of all of my so-called favorite foods, like pasta, spaghetti, all breads, and Krispy Kreme donuts. They were literally killing me.

I went strictly Keto, and even included intermittent fasting after the first three months of getting used to the diet.

I lost 20 pounds in those first three month, and then I started taking things seriously. 

I bought some bumper plate weights for my garage because I really didn't want to go to a gym during the pandemic. I also bought a 35 lbs kettlebell to swing. (I've since moved up to a 50 lbs one) and installed a pull-up bar.

I didn't know what I was doing at first. I'd do some curls, hang on the pull-up bar for 3 sets of 30 seconds, and swing the kettlebell for a couple of sets of 10.

I started getting stronger, though, and I lost another 20 lbs the next three months after that.

Now, my weight lifting started getting more serious. I focused on compound weight lifting movements (those requiring more than one body joint to complete.) I started doing negative pull-ups.

I followed a great plan by a guy named Dan John, called Easy Strength. I could do the whole workout in 25 minutes, including my addition of curls.

At my one-year anniversary, I had lost 57 pounds, and had gotten my waist from a 42, down to a 33. 

Weight training accelerated my fat loss. I lost my love handles completely.

Now, I want to build the most healthy body possible. I have transitioned to the Old School Workout and look forward to making strong progress with it. 

I plan to follow Old School for 4 months, then switch back to Easy Strength to get stronger for my next round.

Without the addition of weight-training, done with real science...not Bro Science, I would have never been able to lose my love handles permanently."

How Much Do I Need To Run To
Lose My Love Handles?

How many timers have you heard that in order to lose belly fat, and get rid of your love handles, you had to "put in the miles"?

That tired mantra has been a staple of men's fat loss programs for decades, but it's just not very effective.

Getting up a couple of hours before sunrise to jog around the neighborhood will wear you down, physically and mentally.

Listen, if you are following a Ketogenic diet, lifting weights on an intelligent program, all you need to add are a couple of days of sprint training.

Say what?

Yes, that's right, just a couple of days of a sprint program. It will take very little time to bust out 4-8 sprints, twice a week.

The absolute best cardio program for losing belly fat, increasing testosterone production, and increasing lean muscle mass is sprinting.

Jeff Wyant (38) who has his own online business lives on Madeira Beach. He said, "Sprinting was the thing that put me over the top, when it came to fat loss.

At first, there was no way I could do it because I was just too much of a flabby mess. However, after following a Keto diet, lifting weights, and walking on the beach twice a day, I finally got the pounds down to where I could actually run.

After I lost that 47 pounds, I wanted to look even better, down at the beach. I was thinking about starting a daily morning jogging program, when I happened to turn on the Olympic Games.

One thing struck me, immediately. The sprinters and decathletes all looked like NFL players. Geez, that Usain Bolt was 6'5", and weighed 225 lbs, yet he was the fastest guy on the entire planet!

When I looked at the distance runners, they looked like they should be in an eating disorder therapy group. I was completely dumbfounded. 

I knew how I wanted to look, and it was NOT like the marathon gold medal winner. I wanted to look like those guys in the 400 Intermediate Hurdles. Their musculature was out of control.

I watched a lot of YouTube videos, dreaming of a body of lean muscle. I tried to put my own program together, but failed badly.

Fortunately, in my research, I came across the Anabolic Running program, and it changed everything.

It gave me a template for 3 levels of conditioning. the beginners program was fine for me. I stayed on it for 12 weeks.

It made a huge difference in the way I lookedI mean a HUGE difference. I think the reason behind this was that sprints caused me to produce more testosterone."

"When I first started, I just ran 4 sprints, 2 days each week...Sundays and Wednesdays. All the other days, I just walked.

The stubborn pounds came off. 

I added intermittent fasting into my Keto lifestyle, and I started going to bed before 10:00pm.

After three months, I had boosted my sprints up to 8 reps. I ran about 10 seconds each, and took a 3-minute rest between each sprint.

Trust me, this is a heck of a lot more fun than jogging in the dark for an hour each morning.

The great thing about sprints is they do not take much time. You don't have to run very far...just a little fast. And they torch off the last of your body fat. They were the final strategy I needed to lose my love handles."

A Three Prong Attack For Guys Who Ask,
"How Do I Lose My Love Handles?"

An effective strategy for guys who want to lose love handles and belly fat.

You made it to the end of this article. That tells us you are committed to getting rid of unhealthy belly fat and losing those unsightly love handles.

Please remember, it will take some time. Don't fall for phony body transformation plans that promise All-Pro results in just a few weeks. That's not how Life works.

Even if all you did was get on a Ketogenic diet, with intermittent fasting for 4 months...with no weight training or sprinting, you will see significant results.

Best Eating Plan
The Custom Keto Diet
Intermittent Fasting - Eat, Stop, Eat

Best Weight Training Plans  
Easy Strength
Old School/New Body

Best Running Program
Anabolic Running

Supplements That May Help
Java Burn Coffee

You can do it. Thousands of other guys have done it. Start right now, tell yourself, "I will eat and workout like an Olympic athlete. I will lose my love handles."

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**Remember, before you undertake any new diet program, lifting program, running program, or supplement program...you need to see your family physician to determine if you can start something new.

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