Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum

gizella kopsick palm arboretum

Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum is part of the St. Petersburg Waterfront Parks system along Tampa Bay. Located where 10th Ave NE hits North Shore Drive, it is scenic, quiet, and naturally enclosed.

Although the total park area encompasses two acres, the palm arboretum is just a small area.

It includes over 150 species of palm trees and cycads. Each of them has an information marker available for those who wish more detail.

A winding red brick paved pathway takes visitors around the small park. Single benches and a conversation corner are included along the way. There are two water fountains, but no restrooms. (You will have to cross the parking lit on the south side to North Shore Pool.)

Prior to becoming part of the waterfront park system, the land was actually used for a miniature golf course.

Now, it is frequented by visitors who are interested in learning more about palms, couples who like to walk in nature, and people who enjoy a secluded spot to read or work on a crossword puzzle.

There is a large grassy area to the north, separating Gizella Kopsick park from Eva Rouse Park, but I rarely see children playing here.

Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum in pictures

gizella kopsick palm arboretum view from north shore drive

Here is the view you get from North Shore Drive on the west side of Gizella Kopsick.

gizella kopsick palm arboretum entrance from north shore drive

The entrance is easy to find. It splits in two directions once you get inside.

gizella kopsick palm arboretum path to the north

The pathway curving toward the north gives you a fleeting view of Tampa Bay.

gizella kopsick palm arboretum path to the south

The pathway to the south takes you right into "the jungle."

gizella kopsick palm arboretum palm species sign

Each species of palm or cycad is labeled with information about it.

gizella kopsick palm arboretum conversation area

There is a nice conversation area in the middle of the park. You will find a lot of "readers" in here.

gizella kopsick palm arboretum is good for walking dogs

Dogs enjoy this little park just as much as people.

gizella kopsick palm arboretum has a large grassy area to the north

There is a large grassy play area on the north side.

Gizella Kopsick Palm Arboretum is a quiet and beautiful little park. Put it on your list of places to visit in St. Petersburg, FL.

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