A Florida foreclosure auction is not even close to what you hear about on infomercials...

Do not believe all the hype about finding great deals at a Florida foreclosure auction.

Thinking about attending some foreclosure auctions?

Heard about all of the beautiful Florida beach property you can pick up for pennies on the dollar?

There is so much misinformation and misleading hype about finding beach property at foreclosure auctions that it is a wonder why bidders even show up at all.

Foreclosure auctions are a great opportunity to lose your shirt

florida foreclosure auction Burn this in your brain before you get all jacked-up about bidding in a Florida foreclosure auction...There is NO opportunity to conduct a strict pre-purchase property inspection.

Scary. And this is just the beginning.

For instance, did you know that none of the terms of an auction foreclosure sale are negotiable?

What happens if the property is occupied by hostile occupants? You'll be forced to go through an expensive and time-consuming process or unlawful detainer lawsuit to get rid of these undesirables.

To top it off...the property may not even be in insurable condition. The home insurance industry in Florida is a mess. People are dropped from policies everyday. Insurers become more picky.

What happens if you buy a trashed and sabotaged property sight-unseen...for $200K...then find out you can't insure it while you rehab it?

What's the solution?

It is simple, stay away from foreclosure auctions and purchase distressed Florida beach property in Pre-Foreclosure. buy florida foreclosurs Thomas Lucier has been investing in Florida foreclosures since 1985. His inexpensive book on purchasing distressed real estate in Pre-Foreclosure is the most authoritative text at such a reasonable price.

He is exhaustive in his thoroughness to make you work from tight checklists to keep you from getting separated from your wallet...and to keep your butt out of messy legal entanglements.

Please, do not waste your money on glitzy cable-TV home-study courses and for sure, don't attend a Florida foreclosure auction with the intent to bid on a property without reviewing Tom's fact-filled book.

One thing you can take away from this site is Tom's ability to provide you with straight-forward and critical information. On page 31 of his book, he gives you the link to the Foreclosure Desk Guide to provide you with the most reliable and up-to-date information in this dynamically changing field.

It is these small, but crucial touches, that make The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit so valuable.

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You need a plan for buying foreclosed homes on the Florida beach

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