Black Friday Shopping On The Beach

black friday shopping on the beach

Black Friday shopping on the beach is entirely laid back

Black Friday shopping on the beach is about as intense as watching old men nap in the sun. There is no craziness on the Florida beaches. This is why we live here in Paradise. Who wants to put up with the lunacy that goes on the day after Thanksgiving?

Think about it. Is Black Friday shopping really all of that appealing?

Listen to some of the stories I heard this year: Hundreds of people braved all-night low wind-chill factors in the Midwest just to make sure they were going to be the first in the door for several huge "box stores."

In Los Angeles, a woman sprayed pepper spray on other shoppers to gain an advantage in carting off the best bargains.

Outside a Walmart In San Leandro, California a man was shot by robbers wanting to separate him from his newly purchased items.

At a Walmart in Kinston, North Carolina, off-duty police officers used pepper spray to subdue an unruly crowd that wanted to get their hands on electronic sales items...before the sale was even started.

In Soho, NY there was a reported smash-and-grab looting at a clothing store prior to the official opening of the Black Friday sale.

This is the kind of nuttiness we came to the Florida beaches to get away from. I'm sure there was some stressful crowds over in Tampa and even in St Petersburg, but you can be sure that idiocy was the farthest thing from our minds here on beautiful Treasure island.

Black Friday shopping on the beach means rolling out of bed a bit later, here, instead of three hours before daybreak like those people who get in fist-fights at K-Mart.

Let me show you what our Black Friday looked like.

Black Friday shopping on the beach in pictures

gulf blvd on black friday

Here's a shot of Gulf Blvd on Treasure Island Beach, looking north. Hmmm...where are all the cars?

black friday shopping on the beach

The parking lot at 103rd Avenue was pretty bare, too.

black friday shopping on the beach

At this time of the morning, those who were not out on the beach running, were still snuggled down in their beach house.

black friday shopping on the beach

I take that back. There were some regulars up early and hanging out during breakfast at Ricky T's Beach Bar.

black friday shopping on the beach

Once they were up, many of the locals decided to walk the Treasure Island Beach Trail instead of fighting crowds at some department store.

black friday shopping on the beach

Surf Style, probably the biggest store on the Treasure Island beaches, sure didn't look over-run or in need of extra security personnel.

black friday shopping on the beach

Nope. Not a lot of hysteria going on in here.

black friday shopping on the beach

Some of the locals grabbed a friend, and a book, and spent a cool morning together at the water's edge.

black friday shopping on the beach

Others, sought peace and a relaxing atmosphere by enjoying Paradise in solitude.

Life here on the Florida beaches moves with a quiet rhythm. Black Friday shopping on the beach and huge, hyped-up sales really hold no value for those of us who want to experience every moment of Paradise that we can.

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