Best Places to Eat in Madeira Beach FL

Looking for the best places to eat on Madeira Beach FL?

Even though I love the seclusion and anonymity of the beaches in Madeira Beach FL, finding a quiet place to eat is tough.

Most of the locals just grab something at the Subway or a pizza slice across the street at the Grand Cafe of Madeira on their way to somewhere else.

There are several nice places to eat at Johns Pass Village on the very south end of Madeira Beach, but you will fight a lot crowds down there. However, if that is not a big'll be fine. You can easily walk there from the beach.

Dockside Dave's

Located right at 147th Avenue on the east side of Gulf Blvd, this place definitely has great food. Although grouper is their specialty, they have other entrees and salads for the non-fish lover. Draft beers are cheap, too.

The only downside to Dockside Dave's is that it is a tiny place. When it's crowded (like during Spring Break) you can wait over an hour for a table. It can get pretty noisy, too.

dockside daves

The owners are friendly and the service is great, just overwhelmed at times. I always try to tip them well.

Location: 14701 Gulf Blvd, Madeira Beach FL 33708

Phone: (727) 392-9399

South Beach Bar & Grille

Amazingly, this nice little place is about a 1-minute walk north from Dockside Dave's. It bills itself as having the best breakfast on the beach...and they may be right. The breakfasts are both filling and inexpensive.

Where can you find that these days???

south beach bar and grille madeira beach fl

South Beach Bar & Grille has new owners who are doing their best to revive this cool little place. They are friendly and the service is great. It is a lot more quiet than Dockside Dave's, but then, it gets a bit of a different crowd.

One thing I noticed about both places is that the owners say good things about each other. That's pretty refreshing. It is another reason why I started with these two restaurants fro the best places to eat on Madeira Beach.

Location: 14705 Gulf Blvd, Madeira Beach FL 33708

Phone: (727) 392-3520


Like I said, a trip to Madeira Beach is pretty much strictly for the easy resonance of it's beautiful beach. Although these two places are excellent in terms of food, cleanliness, and service...since I live in Florida, I want to eat on the water. That's just my own bias and should not take anything away from the fine meals you'll find here.

For me, I can find a far greater number of beach/waterfront places to eat on Treasure Island Beach , St Pete Beach , Pass-A-Grille Beach or north to Indian Rocks Beach

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