Where are the best Madeira Beach FL bars?

The best Madeira Beach FL bars are actually across from the beach. Cool Madeira Beach bars include the Old Oar House, the Daiquiri Deck, and the Bamboo Beer Garden.

I'm sure some hard-shell beach bar connoisseur will be offended that the best Madeira Beach bars are not even on the beach, but that's the way it is on this little 2-mile stretch of a community.

To me, it's no big deal to walk across Gulf Blvd for a tall frosty one.

Madeira Beach FL is about as laid-back as a beach community can be.

People come here to get away from the congestion of St Pete Beach and Clearwater Beach.

Here's three watering holes with totally different personalities. The best Madeira Beach FL bars offer visitors the chance to relax and meet friendly locals.

The Old Oar House Beach Bar

old oar house beach bar madeira beach fl The Old Oar House, located behind the Subway Shop where Madeira Way intersects with Gulf Blvd, is a throwback to Old Florida beach lifestyle.

Believe it or not, this place has weekly events ranging from Play Pool for Free All Day...to Karaoke...to Chick Flick Night. Happy Hour runs from 4 PM - 7 PM.

This is a Madeira Beach FL bar with a real easy feel to it. Spend an hour in this friendly little place and you'll feel like a regular.

If you can only stop in for a minute...make sure you checkout the Men's Room. The reading material is pretty danged funny.

The best part though...the beer is really, really COLD!

Location: 15044 Madeira Way - Madeira Beach Fl 33708

Phone: 727-393-9816

The Daiquiri Deck

daiquiri deck bar madeira beach fl

The Daiquiri Deck is located in a little strip shopping center at 14995 Gulf Blvd...just south of the intersection of Tom Stewart Causeway and Gulf Blvd.

It'll be on the east (your left hand side) as you turn south. Don't accelerate too fast or you'll miss the parking lot.

The Daiquiri Deck caters to a younger crowd. The drinks are priced higher and the music is much louder. Too much energy here for me to stay real late, but it is very popular for the 25-35 age group.

Note: Good-looking girls know how to find this place. This is main reason it makes our list as one of the best Madeira Beach FL bars.

Location: 14995 Gulf Blvd - Madeira Beach Fl 33708

Phone: 727-393-2706

Fax: 727-393-0493

The Bamboo Beach Bar - Madeira Beach FL

bamboo beach garden bar madeira beach fl Sixty years ago, there was a quaint, grubby little open-air fishing tavern called "The Bamboo Beer Garden." It was a Madeira Beach landmark. In the past several years, there's been changes in ownership.

Gone is the open-air, crusty beach bar look. It's now enclosed and has air conditioning. That doesn't keep it from being one of the best Maderia Beach FL bars, though.

The new owners are friendly and do their best to retain the Old Florida beach lifestyle flavor, while being pulled to make a lot of looky-loo retirees cool and comfortable. Hey...it's still a neat place...just a lot of changes to get used to.

Stop in and check it out. Lots of retirees show up here. Talk to the bartenders about the history of this iconic Madeira Beach FL bar.

The only drawback is that it is pretty much the "Starting Line" for the pulsating Johns Pass Village . Lot's of cars and people to dodge if you walk outside and turn south.

Note: The new owners cancelled Muffy's Karaoke in favor of a band. This has really ticked off a great many regulars and locals.

(I'm not sure if many of them would classify The Boo as one of the best Madeira Beach FL bars in their grumpy frame of mind right now...)

If you want to see where Muffy is continuing her great show, go to her official site for a calendar.

Location: 13025 Village Boulevard- Madeira Beach, FL 33708

Phone: 727-397-2415

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