You Can Increase Ab Definition

you can increase ab definition with optimal nutrition and consistent workouts

Male Belly Fat Is A Turn-Off To Women.
Get Defined Abs.

Ab definition can be increased with a comprehensive proven program. Lose male belly fat, get rid of love handles, and build lean muscle. You can get defined abs with commitment and a solid strategy.

You do NOT have to purchase any supplements. You do NOT have to endure jogging mindless miles before dawn. However, you will have to commit to a quality diet with slightly reduced calories, brief weight workouts, and interval training.

Your obstacles will be more mental than physical.

Watch any women's talk show, or checkout any survey in one of their magazines, and you'll see that male belly fat is one of their big turn-offs. (Let me tell you, that attitude is very REAL on the Florida beaches.)

They want men to have the "lean Hollywood look." Chicks could care less about slabs of dense bulk. Just watch how they go ga-ga when a soccer player takes off his jersey. Lean muscle mass gets their attention real fast.

You can get the look of an Olympic athlete. You can lose love handles and get defined abs, but it will take some time, some intelligence, and some effort.

You Can Increase Ab Definition With A
Three-Prong Strategy

you can increase ab definition with a three-prong attack on male belly fat

Male belly fat can only be burned three ways: diet, workouts with weights to build lean muscle, and structured cardio. Of the three, DIET is both the quickest and the most effective.

You CANNOT lift or run your way to get defined abs. You have to make even better food choices while establishing a slight calorie-deficit each week.

* The first thing guys have to get past is that they will lose huge amounts muscle and size if they lower their caloric intake slightly. It is all nonsense. We are not talking about starvation diets at all. We are talking about cutting out a few hundred calories each day.

* Looks are deceptive. When you start to get more defined, your muscles actually look bigger and more dense.

* You must commit to knowing EXACTLY what you are putting in your mouth every time you open it to eat. You must commit to knowing what foods build lean muscle mass...and which ones promote fat storage on your belly.

* Ab definition thrives on good food choices. Get rid of sugared foods and processed foods. (Just cutting out bread and pasta for a couple of months will make huge visual difference.)

* Stay away from worthless (and expensive) "secret supplements." They don't work. Stay away for idiotic protein shake diets. Eat more fruit, eat more vegetables, eat more solid protein sources.

* Your weight workouts need to be brief (less than an hour) and focused on increasing strength through total-body, fundamental compound-joint lifts. (Squats, pull-ups, dips, benches, dumbbell military presses, etc.)

* You do not see a lot of ab definition (or much muscle at all) on distance runners...but you sure see it on sprinters. Your cardio must evolve to include interval workouts.

* Getting defined abs takes time. Do NOT plan on instant results in 4-6 weeks. (Although there are plenty of sites on the Internet that will promise you this as they take your money.)

A Proven Program To Achieve Ab Definition

Build A Classic Physique has helped thousands of guys get defined abs. It has been a best-selling program on the Internet the past three years.

It is proven and it gets results.

* Author Matt Marshall attacks male belly fat in the same three ways mentioned above. You will NOT have to purchase any worthless supplements. You will NOT have to purchase any special exercise gadgets.

* You will be expected to commit to optimal nutrition, intense strength training, and interval workouts.

* Matt's program provides strengthening exercises that are used by Olympic and professional athletes, but his FOCUS is on intelligent food choices and total-body strength training.

* Matt's eBook comes in digital format that you can download to your computer desktop. You can start immediately. It also comes with a 100% refund.

If you are looking to get rid of male belly fat, lose love handles, or increase ab definition...Build A Classic Physique may be exactly what you want.

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