Britts Laguna Grill For Breakfast

Clearwater Beach FL

We went to Britt's Laguna Grill for breakfast this morning. Located on beautiful Clearwater Beach, breakfast at Britt's is a great way to start your day as a local, or as a visitor on your Florida beach vacation.

Britt's opens at 7:30am, my girlfriend and I got there about 8:00am. It was perfect. Other than an older resident reading USA TODAY newspaper inside, we were the only people on the patio.

It was a cool morning with fog rolling in off the Gulf and hugging the clean white sand on the beach.

Even though we were hoping for the usual clear, sunny start of the day in Paradise, it was still a beautiful setting to enjoy a quiet, lazy breakfast out during the middle of the week.

From our seats on the patio, we had a picturesque view across the winding Clearwater Beachwalk.

Choosing Britt's Laguna Grill for breakfast means great food...and cheap prices

Located at 309 South Gulf View Blvd. - Clearwater Beach, FL 33767, Britt's is easy to find. There is free parking in both the front and back lots it shares with the Surf Style beachwear shop next door. (Finding parking is easy for breakfast...lunch and dinner would be real tough because of the tremendous volume of traffic on Clearwater Beach.)

Much like the "Old Florida" restaurants back in the 1940's and 1950's, a giant 8 foot alligator greets customers heading into Britt's Laguna Grill for breakfast.

Artsy blue steps lead you up to the entrance of Britt's. The ceiling is decorated with large, flat jungle leaves...and white Christmas lights.

Living on the Florida beach, we make it a point to eat on outside seating for almost every meal. Why waste a setting in Paradise? We can hear the sounds of sea gulls and smell the hint of salt air coming from the Gulf. Breakfast at Britt's Laguna Grill can be the start of a romantic morning.

The view across The Beachwalk, to Clearwater Beach is beautiful. There was hardly any traffic on this quiet morning.

As you can see, the breakfast menu is both varied and extensive for a little beach bar, but it is NOT expensive. The prices here are great.

My girlfriend ordered the "Laguna House Breakfast Featuring 4-2's" (2 eggs, 2 pancakes, 2 sausages, and 2 strips of bacon...with seasoned home fries, wheat toast and fresh fruit...for ONLY $4.95) She said the home fries were the best she's tasted because of the seasoning and small amount of onion. There was no way she could eat the whole meal. We'll split it next time we go to Britt's Laguna Grill for breakfast.

I had the "Breakfast Wrap" (bacon, sausage, and potatoes wrapped in a soft flour tortilla. She said if it was wrapped in a pancake, we'd be eating the same meal.) No kidding. It was outstanding. was ONLY $4.95. I was stuffed. This is also a breakfast item you could split.

We decided to head across The Beachwalk and take a quiet stroll on the sand. The soft waves, holding hands, and walking off a truly great meal only adds to the feeling of starting your morning off right.

The fog was starting to lift and the sugary white sands of Clearwater Beach gave us the promise of a nice time together.

This weathered lifeguard tower stands silent in the hour after sunrise, but once it warms up, this area is teaming with young people and families.

After our walk, we came back to Surf Style to purchase some t-shirts for gifts to relatives that are not lucky enough to live in such a beautiful setting as us. We are definitely the most fortunate people on the planet.

If you're here on a Florida beach vacation, take a morning and head over to Britt's Laguna Grill for breakfast. It is a beautiful, quiet setting where you can connect with the outdoors, and get an exceptional meal without spending a lot of money. Our entire bill came to $10.60. Add in a $3.00 tip and it still beats whatever comes in second by a long shot.

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